Top 5 articles of 2017

The top five articles read by you, our readers, in the turbulent year of 2017

1 - Humans of the near future

Neil Harbisson antenna
Photo credit: Lars Norgaard

A new breed of human is on its way. Transhumanists are a group who seek to accelerate the evolution of humanity through science and technology. Oliver Pickup investigates the movement, the implications for humankind and asks, is it morally wrong to augment humans?

2 - Brexit - what the rest of the world thinks

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 28: (EDITORS NOTE: This is a photo illustration.) EU flags outside the Houses of Parliament on March 28, 2017 in London, England. Article 50 will be triggered on March 29, and the process that will take Britain out of the European Union will begin. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

What does the rest of the world think about the UK ending its 40-year relationship with the EU? Raconteur went on a global voyage to find out.

3 - Smart observations about the future

Gerd Leonhard futurist

Being a futurist in a fast-moving digital age can be tricky, so Gerd Leonhard doesn’t do predictions – he makes smart observations.

4 - 10 top legal disruptions

Judges in wigs

From next-generation law firms to chatbots and tech-powered legal advice, here are ten startups transforming legal services.

5 - Ethical issues remain in the fashion industry

child labour in fashion industry

Despite numerous and worthy initiatives, keeping track of ethical standards in fashion supply chains is still challenging.

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