Rethinking employee ecosystems [Infographic]

Research indicates that more than 16 million American workers are contingent and earn money from freelance gigs in some capacity, that by 2022 more than 42.5% of the global workforce will be mobile workers and the staff augmentation market is valued in excess of $45 billion. Clearly the workforce is evolving like never before.

Flexible employee ecosystems

This means organisations need to reconsider how to design a corporate model that accepts and incorporates all of these different and evolving workers and skillets - essentially businesses need to understand that workforces are now made up of an ever changing employee ecosystem.

As these ecosystems evolve and grow to incorporate augmented, shared service, offshore, contingent, mobile, remote and other employees alongside more traditional permanent members of staff - what does this mean for HR and Talent leaders?

The infographic below highlights how the workforce is changing and touches upon some of the key factors that people leaders need to consider: