Right place, right time, right service

When Google needs to move – into a new market or bigger premises – this dynamic, digital giant needs to move fast.

That is why Regus is Google’s go-to flexible office provider because Regus makes it “so easy to expand”.

When Toshiba wanted to enter six new markets, it too used Regus solutions. “Simple and cost effective”, is how the firm sums up the service, adding that Regus makes setting up “risk and hassle free”.

For Salesforce.com, the enterprise cloud computing company, the need was for a ready-to-go space that was easy to upgrade. Once again, Regus provided the solution, in this case for 60 new staff.

“We can have an immediate presence in a new market with all the tools and resources necessary for our company to be productive,” says Salesforce.com, which has since grown to more than 20 Regus locations across Europe, North America and Asia.

What has contributed to its success is that Regus is more than just a property company – it is a service provider

The same benefits of flexibility, agility, reliability and cost efficiency, as well as a great working environment, apply to home workers, sole traders, entrepreneurs and also established firms.

So, while most of the Fortune 500 and FTSE 500 businesses are Regus customers, so are many dynamic startups.

“Just take a look at The Sunday Times Fast Track list of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in the UK – you will find numerous who have been or still are Regus clients,” says Richard Morris, UK chief executive.

As the largest provider of flexible and innovative workplace solutions in the world, Regus can offer an unrivalled choice of locations – 100-plus centres in London alone and 350 across the UK.


What has contributed to its success is that Regus is more than just a property company – it is a service provider.

“Technology has changed expectations as to how people consume and buy everything, and commercial property is no different,” says Mr Morris.

“Whether you are a Google or a gig-economy startup, we understand that your focus is on increasing productivity, reducing costs, being more agile, and recruiting and retaining the right talent to drive your business forward.

“Also our business customers no longer want to tie up cash flow in premises or be tied down to a long lease. Instead they want to work in more collaborative, creative and flexible ways to be innovative and grow.


“While flexibility is increasingly important for businesses to remain agile, location is always the number-one factor. Businesses of all sizes want and need to be next to clients, near to investors and to be well situated to attract and retain the right talent.

“That means near to train and transport connections, and perhaps businesses in the same sector. This is a key differentiator for Regus because we have such a large and unique network of high-quality, conveniently located workplaces, and as a Regus member you have access to all of these.

“In turn, that means your business can be more agile. You can expand, move and create multiple locations, and enable staff to work wherever it is convenient rather than having to travel to one fixed location.

“Choice also means you can select a Regus office that reflects your brand, attracting both clients and staff. For private equity and hedge fund companies that might be a high-end corporate look in Mayfair, while a creative and tech startup might be seeking a more contemporary collaborative space in the West End of further east.”


Those moving from home-working to co-working, seeking the buzz of an office and the networking opportunities that nomadic workers often miss, are also catered for.
AE_web_regus_3From £3.75 per hour for a day office or £5 per hour for a hot desk, Regus has some affordable entry points.

“If you are a home-based business, you can start with a virtual office from just £50 a month, giving you the right business address for your venture, with a local contact number answered in your company name, and a professional team to manage your calls and handle your mail,” says Mr Morris. “You can also use a private office at the business centre of your choice and benefit from our unrivalled network of locations.

“Regus provides the reassurance that all those other business necessities, from high-speed and reliable broadband to printers, photocopiers and scanners, are all taken care of – and, as you would expect, it is all bookable by app.

“Depending on which of our premises you choose, you can also benefit from showers if you cycle to work or car parking for those who drive. Some have 24-hour access, and others gym and fitness rooms. Because we have such a large network, we can offer different services to meet different needs.

“Our buying power enables Regus to offer exclusive deals from global providers, such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft, through the Regus Marketplace, and our Regus Gold Card gives members access to 3,000 locations around the world, 18 million wi-fi hotspots, and 700 airport lounges and work pods.”

Regus customers enjoy a club-like atmosphere at many locations, not just in the café areas and breakout spaces, but through networking and social events, with new members offered the opportunity to give a small pitch.

“There is a strong membership aspect,” says Mr Morris. “We find that like-mined businesses tend to gravitate to similar locations, usually near to where their clients are based or where it is easier to attract talent, and many also find clients in the same building or use the networking opportunities to get advice and share experiences. As such, Regus premises tend to be hubs of creativity and hives of activity.”

That is why Regus focuses on being in the right places, at the right time and offering the right services.

“Regus may have 3,000 locations worldwide, but we are only at the beginning of the workplace revolution,” Mr Morris concludes. “This is the future of work and we are only scratching the surface.”

For more information please visit www.regus.co.uk