Redefining mobile for a global age

People have a growing attachment to mobile devices, relying on them increasingly in both their personal and working lives.

Mobile technology has had a huge impact on the way we work, reinforcing the move towards a truly global marketplace in which companies with one to one thousand employees can operate in numerous international regions, interacting with suppliers, partners and customers.

Developments in international connectivity have transformed the way organisations operate and opened up huge global economic opportunities, allowing businesses to expand and capitalise on international markets.

As a result, mobile usage is on the increase. This shift has left organisations with the challenge of resolving excessive costs levied on international services. This is partly due to the limitations of existing network infrastructure that is unable to offer the call quality or data speeds they require.

Indeed, many mobility managers ask employees to disable data services when outside their home region, inadvertently having a negative impact on productivity by hampering their ability to work seamlessly with the business community around them.

This represents a significant economic opportunity for businesses that rely on working in international markets

To overcome these challenges, Truphone has launched Truphone World, which promises to give businesses peace of mind as they move across the world’s major business hubs. Truphone customers can now use their mobile devices in 66 countries in exactly the same way as they do at home, with high-speed data, high-quality calling and best-in-class customer service.

This represents a significant economic opportunity for businesses that rely on working in international markets. Truphone World covers a huge number of countries, including major business hubs such as the United States, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, China, Singapore, Russia and all of Europe. The move also eclipses the forthcoming European Union mobile roaming regulations, which will bring down the cost of using mobile devices across the 28 EU member states in December 2015.

At the core of this group of 66 nations is an area of eight key countries called the Truphone Zone. Here, users can get up to eight international numbers on a single SIM card, so their contacts can reach them on a local number and at local rates, wherever they are in the world.

A key differentiator with the Truphone network is that it has major points of presence in four continents. This shortens the distance that the voice, text and data information has to travel, thereby reducing latency and increasing quality. It allows business travellers to turn off their data roaming on their handsets and use their mobile as a local anywhere in the Truphone Zone, just as they would at home. The result is a better connected and a markedly more productive employee.

Truphone is able to deliver this through a patented SIM card and unique global mobile network infrastructure. Truphone World makes true the promise of mobile technology in redefining what a mobile network should be for the global age. It represents the future of global communication and is changing the way the global telecommunications industry works.

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