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10 top UK startups



London, Paris, Dublin -

What it does: Online platform offering home cleaners for a fixed fee of £10 an hour acrossthe UK, France and Ireland.

Why it’s hot: Closed $6-million funding round led by Accel Partners, one of the earlier investors in Facebook and now aggressively expanding into Europe.



Belfast -

What it does: Over half a million pieces of luggage go missing every year. Next time you fly skip the check-in desk and let deliver your bags direct to your destination.

Why it’s hot: With both low-cost and long-haul carriers set to charge more for baggage, solves a multi-million-dollar headache for the aviation industry.

3. Cocoon


Leeds -

What it does: Cocoon is the world’s smartest internet-connected home security system, requiring no sensors, wires or set-up.

Why it’s hot: Using a patented technology called Subsound, Cocoon can monitor your entire home with just one simple device connected to your smartphone. Consumer interest has been huge with the company beating their crowdfunding target on Indiegogo by 200 per cent, raising $200,000 before launch.

4. Bizzby


London -

What it does: In just 30 minutes get a handyman, cleaner or beautician to your door with a few taps of your smartphone.

Why it’s hot: Following a $10-million funding round, Bizzby successfully piloted their first drone-based instant delivery service. Subject to government approval, drone flights across London could become commonplace in a matter of months.

5. Freeagent

Free Agent

Edinburgh -

What it does: Accounting software made simple for the UK’s growing army of nearly five million businesses with fewer than ten employees.

Why it’s hot: With market-leading levels of customer satisfaction, approval from HM Revenue & Customs and more than 40,000 paying customers, Freeagent has the potential to expand their successful model worldwide.

6. Bubble Outdoor

London -

What it does: With Bubble Outdoor anyone can book outdoor advertising on billboards, bus shelters and phone boxes without the need for a traditional advertising agency.

Why it’s hot: The service has cornered the small and medium-sized business market, and now covers the whole of the UK despite not yet receiving major funding.



London -

What it does: VINAYA perfectly balances function and form with the world’s first fashion-conscious wearable technology jewellery range.

Why it’s hot: Their debut Altruis product line lets you step away from your busy digital life and will be the first wearable tech line on sale at Net a Porter this spring.

8. JustPark

just park

London -

What it does: JustPark is an online marketplace for car parking spaces, helping homeowners to unlock extra money from their properties and motorists find low-cost alternatives to traditional multi-stories. It has been coined the “Airbnb of car parking spaces”.

Why it’s hot: With the backing of BMW and Index Ventures, JustPark’s recent crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube was oversubscribed by £1 million.

 9. Deliveroo


London -

What it does: Ever wanted restaurant-quality meals delivered to your door? Deliveroo turns your favourite eateries into takeaways for just £2.50 a delivery and has already signed up almost 1,000 restaurants.

Why it’s hot: With a recent $16-million funding round led by Accel Partners, Deliveroo is set to expand nationwide throughout 2015.

10. Landbay


London -

What it does: Landbay allows retail investors and institutions to invest in the UK’s £30-billion buy-to-let residential mortgage market through their online platform.

Why it’s hot: The platform already lends £2 million every month and was recently named the UK’s fastest-growing peer-to-peer lending platform.

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