How easy is digital?

Digital is easy right? Just plug in some new channels, do a bit of social integration and off you go? Well at Coeus, we see it slightly differently. Technology is a big part of the puzzle, but the integration with legacy systems can undermine your whole strategy.

We have seen a number of organisations who have pushed head strong into opening up omnichannel operations to find they can’t deliver against their objectives due to a lack of capacity on legacy systems, the inability of these systems to react quickly enough, and poor management of data and information assets.

One of the core principles of digital is being able to provide seamless access to data and harvest information from that data. Front-end, back-end and data all need to be designed to work together. One organisation recently invested in a new web presence only to find that each customer page load needed 20 calls to the database, due to the old data design, which completely ruined the customer experience.

One of the core principles of digital is being able to provide seamless access to data and harvest information from that data

Other organisations have the technology sussed, but no way of delivering a customer experience to match. Channel shift requires significant change to skills and numbers employed in certain areas. Moving people from phones on to mobile, for instance, can mean a significant drop in call volumes and therefore call agents required, while at the same time resulting in more skills required in short, low-value conversation on social media.

Over the top of technology and business process sits your business culture, and it cuts through everything you do around digital, from delivery of new technology and ways of working, to delivering a customer experience expected across a truly digital organisation.

So if you want to be successful, there are four areas to address – legacy IT systems, operational change, culture and execution.

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