The innovative face of sampling

The UK’s leading beauty box, GLOSSYBOX has become the forerunner in sophisticated sampling. By transforming the sampling experience into a luxury service, GLOSSYBOX has built a strong community of beauty-curious subscribers.

Each month customers receive an edit of five different beauty products, based on their unique beauty profiles, all beautifully boxed, be-ribboned and sent directly to their door.

“Subscribers get to inject new products into their beauty regimes, while brands receive direct market research from an engaged community, excited to share their experiences,” says, Charlotte Abercron, managing director at GLOSSYBOX UK and Ireland.

Five years on, GLOSSYBOX maintains its position as the number-one luxury sampling service. This November sees the anticipated launch of GLOSSYBOX for NARS. Past collaborations have included ESPA, Darphin, NET-A-PORTER, Harrods and Harvey Nichols. “Limited edition partnerships sell out within hours and provide an innovative means for brands to reach a new, highly engaged customer base,” says Ms Abercron.

By allowing subscribers to test, experiment and ultimately engage with products in the most intimate way, within their homes, bedrooms and bathrooms, brands can build a genuine relationship with the consumer.

Beauty brands need to capture online consumers and ultimately target what is at the heart of buying beauty products – discovery, testing, inspiration and above all reassurance

Sampling removes the pressurised hustle and bustle experienced on the shop floor, it’s simply the products that have to do the talking. And the good ones do, receiving rave reviews, social engagement and ultimately sales, driven through GLOSSYBOX’s brand campaigns each month. More and more customers are disengaging from traditional marketing strategies, making sampling services increasingly important.

As the beauty community are gathering in the same spaces, sampling a plethora of brands and products, as they influence, learn and form opinions together, GLOSSYBOX has continued to invest in their vocal community of subscribers. With significant investment in an expert editorial and creative team, with both digital and magazine backgrounds, GLOSSYBOX provides the story-telling to educate and engage subscribers with daily postings on its online magazine, Beauty Unboxed, monthly video tutorials, in-box communications and regular campaigns that inspire user-generated content.

GLOSSYBOX provides a bridge between the offline consumers and online shopping experience. By 2016, the web will influence more than half of all retail transactions, representing a potential global sales opportunity of almost $2 trillion dollars (Forrester).

But while some industries have soared on to the online scene, easily converting digital users into customers, the booming world of beauty business presents more of a challenge as brands struggle to communicate the sensory experience of buying a new beauty product through the glassy screen of a computer.

The average GLOSSYBOX subscriber spends £25-45 a month on make-up alone; she is aged 30 and describes her everyday style as casual, but prefers the glamorous look

Currently only one in five women purchase beauty products via the web – a rarity in today’s quick-click world. While this is changing – in February consumer shopping trips for beauty products online rose by 15.4 per cent (eMarketer) – it’s still the case that, more than any other industry, beauty brands need to capture online consumers and ultimately target what is at the heart of buying beauty products – discovery, testing, inspiration and above all reassurance that a buy is right for them.

GLOSSYBOX puts products into the hands of potential consumers, who want to try before they buy online, making it a key tool to capture loyal customers and brand advocates.