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As a doctor specialising in genetics, co-founder of Gazelli, Dr Zarifa Hamzayeva made a pivotal discovery when she succeeded in creating a patented extract of an indigenous oil that had been used for centuries in medicine and dermatology. She named this powerfully healing and regenerative ingredient the Gazelli White Oil™ and, together with her daughter Jamila Askarova, created the Gazelli Triple Youth Range, with the exclusive White Oil™ at its core.

Launching straight in to Harrods in 2011 under the direction of Jamila, Gazelli has now received four prestigious skincare accolades and their targeted treatments are available in exclusive locations, such as the Four Seasons Baku and Raffles Istanbul.

We offer a service that stretches beyond the treatment room and beyond the skin

What is it that puts Gazelli at the forefront of the industry? It’s because it doesn’t stop at powerful formulations and specialised massage techniques. “We offer a service that stretches beyond the treatment room and beyond the skin,” explains Jamila. “Our philosophy lies in diagnosis, education and building a real connection with our clients. Through our unique 7-Phase Analysis, we teach our customers how to understand and read their own skin with their own hands, and encourage them to tap into their internal state.

“Everything works together – the physical and the emotional. For example, it’s not enough to ask if someone is stressed; everyone is. It is about understanding where any given feeling is coming from, how the skin and body can be treated accordingly, and what realistic advice can be given to help. It allows us to address our clients as a whole and help them to achieve optimum health.”

This approach has led to a natural transition for Gazelli from skincare into lifestyle. “Our passion for skincare and professional treatments lies at the heart of everything we do, but Gazelli is quickly evolving into so much more,” says Jamila. So much so that the European flagship Gazelli House will be opening in South Kensington on November 1. Pioneering a completely new concept, Gazelli House is a destination where this physical and emotional dialogue can flourish and grow. “It is a project about people; it’s very human and honest, and in its essence is about awakening an authentic and long-lasting sense of happiness,” adds Jamila.

Gazelli House is set over three floors in a charming Walton Street residence. As you enter, the Living Room will offer a welcoming and ever-evolving space for guests to map out their journey, attend a workshop with a visiting specialist, or simply relax and meet like-minded people over a cup of hand-blended tea.

The Foundations, on the lower-ground floor, will consist of three stunning treatment rooms for solution-led facials and body treatments, using Dr Hamzayeva’s high-concentration, professional-use-only formulations. There is no strict treatment menu; each one will be prescriptive and based on booking out time with one of Gazelli’s experts who will treat the guest and their skin as it is in that moment.

The Sky Parlour, adorned with inspirational books and charismatic antiques, offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere for private sessions. A team of highly skilled and insightful practitioners, with fields of expertise ranging from the physical to the sub-conscious, will guide you through a range of therapies to help you make realistic, positive changes to your lifestyle.

“We want to create an enjoyable, accessible environment for people to engage with new ideas, build new relationships, and develop and grow,” says Jamila. “We believe wellbeing is a journey that starts with positive intention, and Gazelli House will inspire you to begin that journey and connect you with a community of specialists who care.”

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