Event Tech Top 5

1. Beacons


Beacons are Bluetooth-powered devices that interact with compatible apps on smartphones that are quickly becoming protagonists of the most innovative events. Place beacons on your show floor to check in your guests, get attendees to rate sessions or speakers, play scavenger hunts, analyse footfall and crowd movements at exhibitions, send sponsor messages through notifications… the possibilities are endless.

2.Throwable mics

Throwable mics can be safely thrown around by the audience to stimulate highly engaging Q&A sessions. They are a great alternative to having event staff rushing around the room to help attendees with microphones. They are made of soft materials, come in different shapes and attendees can speak into the embedded radio microphone connected to the event sound system.

3. Virtual venue inspections

Virtual Reality

Virtual venue inspections through virtual reality tours are starting to enter the events industry. By using systems such as the Oculus Rift, event professionals don’t need to leave the office to explore the rooms and set-ups of the venue they are evaluating. Forward-thinking venues are strategically placing virtual reality kiosks at industry events to close sales faster.

4. Drones

Drone flying

Drones are becoming favourite engagement tools at large sporting events and festivals. Some drones offer attendees the chance to connect with the on-board camera to snap aerial pictures of the event. Participants are able to take memorable images and share them on social networks involving remote audiences and increasing the content around the event.

5. Digital swap bags

Digital swap bag are the perfect alternative to traditional goody bags for environmentally savvy, tech-friendly audiences. They usually consist of a USB stick that collects a selection of offers from event sponsors. They are an effective complement to physical swag bags that make sponsors happy and attendees curious – usually a very powerful combination.