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Liberated workers driving latest communications revolution

Flexible working is a big deal and companies are waking up to the fact that it pays to let employees work where they want, on the personal or business devices they want – seeing productivity rise as a result. Staff retention is improved, wasted commuting time is cut, and interaction with clients is more immediate and more effective.

The key to flexible working is managed cloud-based converged communications that enables workers to access their critical business applications and services on the move. Whether it’s about accessing corporate data on a smartphone or plugging into a contact centre while on the road, access on a mobile device should be as available as being sat in the office.

Olive Communications has built its Cloud Managed Service Platform to give companies a straightforward way to embrace the very latest mobile, cloud and communications technologies in a single package

Workers are accessing their business systems and content using “mobile first” and companies that can’t offer this will fall behind their competitors. Gartner forecasts market demand for external enterprise mobile services will grow at least five times faster than the supply of available mobile solutions from internal IT departments by the end of 2017. Google estimates 80 per cent of the global workforce – approximately three billion – are performing physical or desk-less work daily.

Olive Communications, a leading UK cloud communications provider, has built its Cloud Managed Service Platform (CMSP) to give companies a straightforward way to embrace the very latest mobile, cloud and communications technologies in a single package. Not only is pricing predictable, but it’s also easy to implement with existing business data as well as being easily accessible to immediately upload any updates.

Olive has created an innovative inclusive subscription-based procurement model that simplifies budgeting and provides its clients with an out-of-the-box “always-on” capability. Services for new people or new locations can be deployed in hours rather than days or weeks. Olive has already deployed large-scale fixed and mobile converged solutions to organisations with diverse desk and field-based operatives, using its mobile Cloud Managed Service Platform.

Scania (Great Britain) Limited appointed Olive to transform its communications infrastructure and during the past two years Olive has implemented a cloud-based unified communications solution for 1,000 employees across 50 sites. The integrated strategy included a new contact centre, a new MPLS network, LAN infrastructure, mobile network service and devices. Scania sought to procure the best possible solution for its business, and the objectives were to improve its ability to provide a first-class service to customers, enhance employee-to-employee communications, and reduce infrastructure and telecoms costs across the board. The Olive CMSP has surpassed Scania’s expectations.

Similary, Swiss Re’s Admin Re has made a £5-million investment in a new cloud-based unified communication and contact centre platform. Admin Re chose Olive Communications as their strategic telecoms partner following a rigorous tender process to provide services to its 2,000 employees. The system is located over dual datacentres, delivered via a private cloud, making it highly resilient, secure and scalable

Admin Re says: “We need a system that is agile, to help us scale quickly as a business, to meet both the demands of our customers and to achieve our growth strategy. To do that we need the very best tools in place to provide first-class customer service, delivered in a way that ensures we can add extra employees and future applications quickly and cost effectively, while always remaining cost effective.”

Olive Communications chief executive Martin Flick concludes: “We work closely with our clients, helping them build optimum communications to maximise productivity and convenience within clear pricing models. We take great pride in working with outstanding clients, improving the way they work. If workforce mobilisation is part of your strategy, we would love to share our experiences – there is much we can share with you.”

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