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Tailor made to suit your skin

There’s a long-standing problem within traditional skincare. Treatments are one size fits all, which means patients are constantly dealing with unintended side effects. They may use a lotion to reduce redness, only to suffer an outbreak of pimples. A generic cream to treat saggy skin can trigger dryness or blemishes.

A group of doctors, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, skin pathologists, pharmacists, chemists and a Nobel Laureate biologist, working in a laboratory in Sophia Antipolis, France, got together and decided to do something about this.


UNIVERSKIN created a concept using nanotechnology in a serum, based around the idea that in terms of skincare we live in an era of microwave “ready to serve food”. UNIVERSKIN is the first skincare company that aims to think about skincare like a three-star Michelin restaurant – and the chef preparing your skin recipe is your clinician.

With UNIVERSKIN, each patient gets their own tailor-made serum, created from a blend of 19 pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients. UNIVERSKIN is only available from specialist doctors practising in the field of skincare.

The bespoke approach also means UNIVERSKIN is suitable for all ages and all skin conditions

Treatment begins with a thorough consultation. The doctor will examine the patient’s skin type, medical history, lifestyle and diet. Skin condition can often reflect underlying health issues, so this is an essential component in devising an effective treatment. The patient will outline their objectives. They may have a special event coming up and need a treatment to achieve quick results. They may have wrinkles and dehydrated skin, and need a formulation to restore natural vigour and tone.

S&D_web_schuco_3At the end of the consultation, the clinician will formulate a unique blend to suit the needs of the patient and the serum is mixed on the premises. This bespoke approach means a number of conditions can be treated simultaneously. For example, inflammation, blemishes and redness can be combated at once, or in sequence, depending on the strategy recommended by the physician.

A key strength comes from the fact that the ingredients are pure actives, in contrast to the mass-produced, long-life, generic products found on the high street. The active ingredients in UNIVERSKIN are hand-picked for their efficacy. The positive medical impact of each of the 19 ingredients has been clinically proven in peer-reviewed journals over many years. They require specialist advice, which is why UNIVERSKIN is not sold through retail, shops, online or in pharmacies.

The bespoke approach also means UNIVERSKIN is suitable for all ages and all skin conditions. A teenager can get help for their acne. A woman in her twenties can request a regime to preserve her looks as she grows older. The formula can also change with the seasons. We all have our own story to tell, our own needs and UNIVERSKIN is the only product on the market to recognise the individual requirements of each patient.


Dr Maria Gonzalez, one of the UK’s leading dermatologists, discusses how UNIVERSKIN works in clinical practice…

“The UNIVERSKIN range of bespoke serums has revolutionised my aesthetic dermatology practice. Prior to this I offered my patients cosmetic products, which I had to fit to my patients’ needs, rather than offering products that target the specific issues of those patients. There was always a need to compromise.

“Now I am able to take a much more medical approach to cosmetic problems. I initially assess my patients to understand fully their aesthetic needs. Then, based on my findings, I decide on the specific ingredients needed to ensure that the serum I am recommending is specifically suited to their skin issues.

“For the first time in my aesthetic medical career, I am able to take a more prescriptive approach to recommending cosmetic products for my patients. From my perspective this is groundbreaking. My confidence in the cosmetic products I provide has grown exponentially as I now have much more control over what I am putting on my patients’ skin.

“One of the more common problems I regularly treat is rosacea. A significant number of my rosacea patients have sensitive skin and struggle to access cosmetic products which do not irritate their skin. As the UNIVERSKIN bespoke range uses absolutely no preservatives or fragrances, I have had a significant reduction in the incidence of rosacea patients reacting to the cosmetic products I recommend.

“Another common group of patients seeking aesthetic treatments are those suffering with acne. UNIVERSKIN has provided the opportunity for me to combine successfully standard medical treatments with enhanced cosmetic products that actually work.

“With an interest in treating pigmentary disorders, I have a large number of patients seeking treatment for melasma which is notoriously difficult to treat. UNIVERSKIN has provided a list of high-quality ingredients which have proven positive effects on skin pigmentation. I now have a reliable cosmetic approach working synergistically with the medical treatment that I offer to treat this difficult problem.

“A particular benefit for patients is found in the concentrations of ingredients supplied which are needed to obtain tangible results. High-concentration, pure-grade retinol, vitamin C and ferulic acid are all available for patients needing improvement in features of sun damage. High-concentration glycolic acid and salicyclic acid can be used with acne patients. Typically, these concentrations of ingredients are not provided in most cosmetic ranges, making it difficult to predict the potential effectiveness.

“My patients are now extremely satisfied with this very personalised approach which integrates efficiently with their aesthetic and medical treatments. The outcome has been happier patients with healthier skin.”


To complement the facial UNIVERSKIN serum, the brand is about to launch a full-body emulsion, which will also be a bespoke blend for every patient. It will be able to treat a variety of conditions, including stretch marks, cellulite and bruising.

Schuco, the company behind UNIVERSKIN in the UK, has 60 years of experience in the dermatology and skincare industry. The company partnered with the clinical team in Nice to rollout the UNIVERSKIN product in the UK and Ireland. Traditionally, Schuco has been focused on the clinical end of skincare, working with doctors in hospitals to treat burns, abrasions, pigmentation disorders and other maladies.

Currently, a handful of carefully chosen private-sector doctors are qualified to offer UNIVERSKIN. Over the next year this number will grow to around 25 across the UK and Ireland.

The move to bespoke serums for patients is long overdue. The skincare profession has known for years that each patient has their own needs. UNIVERSKIN is pioneering the use of pharmaceutical-grade products to the skincare market in this manner.

The ability to adapt and tailor the treatment allows UNIVERSKIN to deliver dramatic results – looking at the product’s before-and-after pictures of patients makes a profound case. UNIVERSKIN marks the beginning of a new era in skincare, with tailor-made treatments for everyone.

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