Choosing to go private

Comparisons between NHS and private care during the different stages of pregnancy, birth and beyond shed light on the choices for expectant couples, writes Maria Anguita

Familiar, trusted faces when you need them

Victoria Lambert explains the nature of private maternity and describes what a mum-to-be can expect

Baby love and a happy ending on Valentine’s Day

After going through a harrowing first birth, Emanuela “Manu” Redaschi shares the experience of having her second child at a private maternity unit

Investing in online technology

It can transform patients’ lives by determining how and where they are treated. Martin Barrow examines telehealth

Patients become health consumers in digital age

Tweets and posts can hold hospitals and doctors to account, and can also educate, support or misinform, as Danny Buckland discovers

How technology can inform care and treatment

Healthcare professionals should not hold back from interacting with patients on social media, says online expert Michael Seres

Stay healthy longer

The state of Britain’s health is a cause for serious concern which must be addressed by urging people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, writes Danny Buckland

Aiming for best results wherever you live

Shocking statistics revealed unacceptable regional differences in healthcare, but as Joshi Herrmann reports, NHS initiatives are aiming for high universal standards