Finding the meaning behind the ‘wellbeing’ buzzword

A Rentokil Initial pest controller at a recycling centre

Trendy term caught on quick - now it’s time to put it to work

Office design that boosts workplace wellbeing

Functional design

Efficiency at work, and how designing healthy offices can improve it, are top priorities as the UK’s continuing poor productivity causes concern

The delicious challenge of health foods

Many brands are saturating the so-called “wellness” market in the UK, but to succeed the product has to taste as good as it is for you and go down well on social media

Wellbeing through sleep

We don’t need doctors or scientists to tell us – we instinctively know we feel better when we’re sleeping well. Raconteur and Tempur's study discusses why sleep really is the great healer

Kale, hot yoga, and the rise of the wellness market

As the pace of life shows little sign of slowing down, 20 and 30-somethings are taking an holistic approach to wellness

Facing up to mental health

Mental health remains a taboo subject among many employers who fail to provide help for staff which could not only benefit the individual but also the company

Avoid workplace stress to stay focused


Smart bosses, who take the health and wellbeing of their staff seriously, see the results in the business’s bottom line

Tech to tell you if staff are happy

Clever use of technology can monitor staff morale and improve their performance