The power of a smile

Alice Hart-Davis explores the concept of the perfect smile and asks why teeth are so important in modern culture?

Health is more than lip service

With cosmetic dentistry an increasingly popular option for patients wanting to improve their appearance, Nicola Kramer looks behind the treatment methods and discovers that good oral health is always the first step to aesthetic success

Under control: regulation and safety

Safe treatment should be at the top of every consumer’s cosmetic dentistry wish list. With this in mind, Nicola Kramer investigates how, and to what extent, a dental patient’s wellbeing is safeguarded in the UK

A caffeine highway to health?

The health impact of coffee is hotly debated - and studied. Ellie Broughton asks whether the drink is more than just a brief caffeine rush and why it matters?

Success has made HIV invisible

Dramatic advances in drug development have meant HIV is no longer an automatic death sentence. But infection rates in the UK continue to rise while the disease drops out of the headlines, as Peter Archer reports on World Aids Day

A sorry tale of struggle

HIV can impact on people’s lives in a number of ways and, as Peter Archer discovers, diagnosis often causes major personal problems which make HIV seem a cruel and lonely illness

‘Doing good is good for business’

Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson believes business can solve global problems, such as the spread of HIV, and tells Liz Bestic that it’s time for a major rethink of corporate practice