Rare diseases require radical new funding methods

Devising funding strategies to develop drugs for the treatment of rare diseases remains a challenge as patient groups are often too small

Tech sector lagging behind when it comes to diversity

Women on beanbags with laptops diversity in tech

Technology companies have a long way to go in achieving a diverse workforce as women and ethnic minorities often remain under-represented, particularly in senior positions

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Billion-dollar babies born from tech

Roku lists on Nasdaq launch

Buoyant financial markets, with a risk appetite for technology companies, are nurturing more than 200 tech unicorns worldwide

Digital deals to keep an eye on

The digital market is changing dramatically with investors placing significant bets across all key categories from e-commerce to social media or the internet of things. Drawing on deal data from analysts StrategyEye, Tom O’Meara reviews five key trends in the past 12 months which he expects will continue to be a major focus throughout 2014

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Myths holding the UK back

Innovation is the key to unlocking business confidence and growth, writes Charles Orton-Jones