American crypto: the States’ stance on bitcoin and more

Developments in America may lead the way for organisations elsewhere considering whether to adopt cryptocurrencies in business as well as national and local government

Watching the rise of the franchisors

Super-franchisors purchase multiple units and typically offer franchisees back-office support such as marketing and human resources

Investors see the attraction of building a portfolio of varied franchised brands, benefiting from shared expertise, economies of scale and a bigger bottom line

Nick Yarris: innocent on death row for 22 years

Nick Yarris spent 22 years on death row for a crime he did not commit. He reveals what life is really like on death row and why this system of justice doesn't work

Should the US death penalty still exist?

Death Penalty

The US is witnessing a significant decline in the use of the death penalty. Oliver Pickup investigates the change in public mood, the reasons why and asks: will it be abolished any time soon?

Beyond the wall: Trump’s presidential pledges

The Republican Party has launched its platform for the 2016 presidential election, pledging less government, less immigration and … broadband for farmers

Bernie Sanders’ alternative American Dream

Just as Donald Trump has captivated a section of American society with his furious rhetoric, the Democratic outsider Bernie Sanders has ridden a wave of support on the left with his strident calls for a fairer, more caring America

American fury: the rise of Donald Trump

How a real estate magnate and reality show host hijacked the US political establishment and exposed the dark side of the American electorate

Bernie Sanders: the great outsider

Bernie Sanders is unlikely to win the Democratic nomination, but he has pulled the party to the left, and turned the primaries into a referendum on income inequality. David Freelander explores