What cloud computing is doing for emerging markets

Software development is starting up in countries previously unassociated with information technology, providing an opportunity for economic growth in emerging markets

Why mentoring is so important for Generation Z

Ahead of National Mentoring Day 2018, Lord Price discusses the importance of stepping up and mentoring new talent in business

How to create your CEO succession plan

The CEO of any organisation is fundamentally responsible for all who sail in her, and part of this means considering who can take the helm next

Talent management: how to tempt the best offshore

Recruiting and retaining key workers in developed financial centres may present a challenge, but there are strategies which can help

What does the future supply chain look like?

Gerry Walsh, chief exec Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has recently launched The Future of Supply Management, a white paper produced in conjunction with the University of Liverpool and Aston University, Birmingham. This significant piece of academic research explores what the future holds for the procurement and supply profession

Closing the leadership gap

As baby-boomers retire and talent-management remains a constant struggle, the leadership gap is a growing concern for organisations

Law firms face talent crisis in poaching war


Growth of in-house legal departments is spurring law firms to reflect on their workplace culture to attract and retain the best talent

The concept of total talent management

Total talent management illustration

With changes in employment and work practices, organisations are developing a new concept of total talent management