By 2050, will London still be a smart city?

London’s challenge is incorporating the latest technologies with historic architecture and ageing infrastructure

It ranks high among the world’s smart cities, but London must remain on the leading edge of digital technology and continue to adapt to changing needs

Singapore: The robot city

Singapore skyline

The “fourth industrial revolution”, an era of unprecedented automation and connectivity, could reshape the urban environment and have profound impacts on society at large

Cyber crooks could soon hold a city to ransom

Ariel view of a city

The growing cyber threat of ransomware could be turned against connected systems with the potential to bring a smart city to a grinding halt

Why Bristol’s a city of the future

Bristol birdseye view

Famed for its marine and aerospace engineering, Bristol is now a front runner in digital technology which is revolutionising the city’s public sector

How India is leading the smart city revolution

Delhi, one of the cities shortlisted for selection by the Smart Cities Mission, ranks fourth in the world’s most pop- ulated citie

Asia is set to be the melting pot of ideas to create low-cost smart cities such as those planned in an ambitious scheme launched in India

Smart grid is set to get a lot smarter

The smart grid is being built bit by bit – it may not arrive with a bang, but one day soon it will be all around us

Cities must smarten up to save energy

Cities where technology measures and manages the use of green energy are a smart step towards sustainability in the 21st century

Smart-from-the-start cities is the way forward

Building a smart city from scratch avoids the costly retrofitting of technology, including internet of things capability, and sparks innovation