Brexit could mean more offshore deals for outsourcing


Britain’s vote to leave the European Union could impact the outsourcing sector more than most, but early signs are of a robust response

Software ‘robots’ cut outsourcing costs and boost profit


Robotic process automation is already transforming aspects of outsourcing, enhancing efficiency, cutting labour costs and boosting profits, while freeing workers from boring, repetitive tasks

On-demand freelance workers are on the rise


Freelancing is growing and offers benefits for both the gig worker who gains autonomy and the company that needs specialist skills on a project-by-project basis

Small businesses wake up to benefits of outsourcing


Outsourcing is no longer the preserve of big corporations as smaller companies and startups realise the advantages to be had

The most attractive European countries for outsourcing

Finding an overseas outsource provider close to home can have significant advantages including an educated workforce with specialist skills within easy travelling distance

Bringing customer service back to the UK


UK companies that have reshored their call centres are adding value by raising standards of customer service with a British workforce

Striving for new global standard in sourcing

Striving for new global standard in sourcing

A corporate accreditation scheme is a journey towards sourcing excellence – for buyers and providers

Seven reasons why it’s best to partner a sales outsourcer

CPM - Seven reasons to partner with a sales outsourcer

A sales outsourcing partner can help your business develop and grow, delivering return on investment and boosting the bottom line