Business must learn to manage ESG risks, or suffer

Times are changing. Extreme global weather is the face of the climate challenge, our world is on the move and we’re more connected than ever before

Policymaking cannot be divorced from nature’s risks

Many peoples in our collective past have recognised that it is essential to our success as a species that we possess a pertinent awareness of the many ways in which we depended on the health of the natural world and its complex, interconnected ecosystems

Private water companies are better for the future

The summer’s record-breaking temperatures, and the incredible hard work of companies to supply the water we all need, were powerful reminders of the increased pressures of climate change and population growth on water resources

How fraud is funding terrorism

In his evidence before the Treasury select committee of MPs, Donald Toon from the National Crime Agency, said: “It would be realistic to say that hundreds of billions are laundered through the UK annually”

Manufacturing during the ‘fourth industrial revolution’

Stephen Phipson oped, fourth industrial revolution

The future is getting increasingly uncertain, with UK growth clouded by Brexit and political uncertainty across the globe. But one thing we can be sure about is that with the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), the future of manufacturing is digital

Why sales must become more professional

nick squire sales director oped banner

I consider myself as having had a privileged childhood, never in the sense of being born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but the experiences I had living overseas helped to find the third-culture kid in me

Tackling plastics requires care and collaboration

Across brands, retailers and manufacturers, the people who design and specify materials and formats for packs, are grappling with demands from their customers to use less plastic

Pension schemes must take ESG factors into account

There are significant changes afoot in how UK pension funds address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues