‘We will have to show that the metals needed are mined with principles’

TOM BUTLER, chief executive of the International Council on Mining and Metals

The UK and France plan to phase out new petrol and diesel cars within 25 years. That’s 60 million cars in Britain and France, and many more if other countries follow suit. The change may happen sooner as already one third of all new cars sold in Norway are electric powered

‘Insurers understand they need to build stronger relationships with their customers’

SIAN FISHER, chief executive of the Chartered Insurance Institute

We often hear two different stories about insurance, both of which are supported by detailed evidence

‘Is the principle of data privacy enough for insurance?’

In 2017 I wrote in this column how data was becoming the new gold. This year, the pressing issue for insurance is who owns this data gold, what rights they have and what this means for the future. Facebook’s problems in this area have rightly already accelerated these issues into the public domain

‘Time for the C-suite to take a fresh look at risk’

On the office wall at Airmic is a poster for our 1994 annual conference entitled: “Turning risk into opportunity”

‘Is it negligence or ignorance that fertility is seen as a female problem?’

Aileen Feeney, chief executive of the Fertility Network UK

Thirty thousand years ago unknown artists chose to carve exquisite ovals each with an inner cleft on the walls of a cave in La Ferrassie, France

‘Intellectual property will need to change if it is to keep pace with artificial intelligence’

Stephen Hawking warned that artificial intelligence (AI) could end mankind. Tesla’s Elon Musk has expressed similar views, warning that a handful of major companies will end up in control of AI systems, giving them extreme power over the remainder of humanity

‘What energy and focus could an improved culture liberate from your disparate tribes?’

Picture your last budget meeting. Imagine a colleague had said: “You can create more value for us all than me from spending this £5 million. You spend it!” If such behaviour is normal in your organisation, congratulations. You’re lucky to work in such an enlightened culture – and you may even be leading a good asset management organisation

‘It’s time the NHS recognised the potential of medical technology’

The NHS is creaking under the strain of an ageing population, a growth in costly long-term conditions and mounting budget deficits