Five new creative jobs for AI

Artificial intelligence is shaking up the world of work, automating out routine tasks and freeing workers to concentrate on the more creative elements of their job. But it can often be surprisingly good at mimicking human creativity, and with varying levels of human involvement is now making inroads into new areas of work

Retro revival: The resurgence of vinyl

Vinyl record store

The intangible nature of digital has prompted a backlash among music fans who are crying out for retro vinyl albums

London’s vintage vinyl clubs

London listening clubs

London’s new wave of listening clubs are kicking back against commoditised music culture

Beijing’s psychedelic underground

Member of band Chui Wan on guitar

China’s alternative music scene is thriving, as bands blend the new cultural influences from the influx of Western music, with the country’s deep-rooted mystic traditions

Prince’s enduring pop legacy

Prince Rogers Nelson, the flamboyant musical innovator whose outlandish genius turned him into an enduring pop-culture icon, has died aged 57. We chart the highs and lows of his life

Electric cars are rock’n’roll

An integral part of Formula E, music is designed to deliver all-round entertainment aimed particularly at a younger generation of race fans

What does M2M mean for the future?

The internet of things and machine-to-machine communication are set to revolutionise our day-to-day lives. Stephen Armstrong explores how and asks will it be for the better?