Insurers must adapt to demands of the information world

New, technology-driven changes in the ways people live their lives are prompting revolutions across industries. The insurance sector must adapt to these changing needs if it is to remain relevant to customers, says Ross Campbell at Gen Re

The insurance industry gets with the times

The insurance industry is at last shedding its staid image to move with the times and embrace technology to offer clients a superior service

Could tracking drivers cut the cost of insurance policies?

Illustration of tracking drivers

Are consumers reluctant to adopt telematics, wearables and other insurance products based on the internet of things or are insurers themselves behind the curve?

Looking for insurance innovation outside the industry

Shai Wininger (left) and Daniel Schreiber, co-founders of Lemonade, the world’s first peer-to-peer insurance company

Innovation, essential for the insurance industry to adapt and prosper, must come from within, but also by bringing in outsiders with a new approach to the business

Innovation for the customer’s good

Head shot photo of Sian Fisher

Regardless of technical innovation, ethical standards must remain relevant to the insurance industry and meaningful to customers

Insurance is being disrupted, but at a slow pace

Fresh ideas are melting the permafrost on a frozen industry and, despite a glacial pace of change, disruption is trickling down

Improving customer experience in the insurance industry


Technology and new platforms offer insurers the opportunity to get closer to their customers, and provide a personalised and improved service

Machines assess risk and detect fraud

Machines that learn from data have the potential to transform insurance processes and counter fraud by humans