How fintech is increasing financial inclusion

M-Pesa, Vodafone’s mobile money service, has been hugely popular in countries such as Kenya, but hasn’t taken off in South Africa where there is a much deeper banking infrastructure

Fintech startups armed with apps are aiming to increase global access to finance for poorer communities in even the remotest locations

Fintech loans could help uni students

The rising costs of university and interest rates on loans are driving students to look for alternatives

With student loans proving a problem for many, financial technology companies are moving in to offer an alternative funding route

Sweden: running from the cash machine

Sweden cashless

In a world where cash may become superfluous, Sweden is closest to a cashless future

Complicated collaborations between big banks and fintech startups

Future of Fintech illustration

Faced with technological disruption, banks are learning to collaborate with financial technology startups, known as fintechs, but the collaboration is not always plain sailing

Should tech companies enforce law?

Many fintech companies withdrew services from white supremacist websites in the wake of August’s violence in Charlottesville

Whether fintech companies should take the law into their own hands and police cyberspace raises important issues of safeguarding free speech

Will London still be the global fintech hub post-Brexit?

UK fintech cover

London’s prowess as a global financial technology centre of excellence faces the challenge of Brexit

Bridging the gap between big banks and challengers

Financial services illustration

The scale and speed of the digital revolution has left major players in the financial services sector struggling to keep up

Big banks must adapt to the digital age or die

Future of banking illustration

Financial technology startups are disrupting the big banks that now face the challenge of reinventing themselves to survive