Fintech is giving small businesses access to finance

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Cut off from finance by big lenders, financial technology platforms are coming to the rescue for cash-starved small businesses

How a cashless society affects consumer spending

As the nature of money changes in a cashless era of big data, consumers must become financially self-aware or risk getting into debt

Open banking: the struggle behind bank-fintech partnerships

Collaboration between financial technology startups and established banks sounds good in theory, but may be difficult in practice

Seven fintech platforms fuelling small business growth

Technology is helping to unlock money, particularly for smaller businesses that might otherwise struggle to find finance

The race to become the world’s leading leading Islamic fintech hub

The race is on to become the world’s leading Islamic fintech hub, with London and the UK putting in a strong bid

How fintech could future-proof pension funds

Despite some successful take-up, pension funds must invest more in financial technology to engage savers and help them understand their investments

Five top centres of innovation in financial tech

Card payment using iZettle

Leading fintech cities, including London and Berlin, should not be complacent because there are emerging centres of excellence snapping at their heels

Traditional brokers face fight as fintech disruptors move in

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Rapid innovation and evolving regulations have fuelled the rise of fintech disruptors that threaten to displace traditional brokers with a better user experience and lower fees for traders