Can banks afford to ignore blockchain?

Future of Payments special report Raconteur blockchain

The financial sector is investing in blockchain, while not fully embracing it, as bankers wait to see if it’s really the future of payments

Governments in race for blockchain

The Bank of England recently announced the successful test of an interledger programme to synchronise a payment between two central banks’ systems

A distributed ledger, which promises global transparency in financial and other dealings, could become a tool of government in a new age of finance

Is blockchain the strongest security link?

blockchain in banking

The public ledger associated with bitcoin cryptocurrency has been heralded as the answer to banking security problems

Blockchain for stronger links in insurance

Distributed ledger technology, known as blockchain, could have the greatest impact in the insurance sector once it is embraced by the major players

How blockchain is eliminating online fraud

How blockchain is eliminating online fraud

It has the potential to eliminate common frauds perpetrated online and help secure financial services from cyber hackers

Not-so-new kid on the block is about to come of age

Blockchain – a global digital ledger – is set to disrupt the digital scene

The future of blockchain in 8 charts

Blockchain, essentially a giant network, which records ownership and value, is being hailed as the second coming of the internet. We break down its future in 8 charts

Blockchain is more than the second coming of the internet

A technology which is essentially a giant network or ledger is set to impact the world of finance and beyond, transforming the way we transfer value, data and much more