Chief procurement officer: the dream job you’ve never heard of

people sewing in factory, wearing face masks

The role of chief procurement officer is unknown to many outside the profession, but it’s a job with growing importance and appeal

Why insurance companies are embracing blockchain

Aerial view boats

Marine and other insurance policies have a new virtual figurehead to help chart a course through mainly unexplored waters of doing business in an increasingly digital economy

Protecting patents and copyright with blockchain

Imogen Heap speaking at TechCrunch

Global businesses have spotted the potential to stamp out patent and copyright infringements using blockchain technology

The healthcare case for sharing medical data with blockchain

Health services need to improve data-sharing for better patient care, treatment and research outcomes, but whether blockchain is the right facilitator remains to be seen

Are banks ready for digital transformation?

Who knows what “digital” really is? Bankers who think they have transformed their organisations to become digital may have to think again

Blockchain is strengthening links in the supply chain

A transparent and tamper-proof distributed ledger is poised to transform outdated methods of tracking and authenticating goods in the supply chain

Blockchain is freeing up supply chains and trade finance

Container ship in import export and business logistic

Development of blockchain is set to revolutionise the supply chain and increase the flow of trade finance

How blockchain is revolutionising the legal sector

Law and tech illustration

With the potential to disrupt legal services, blockchain is fast becoming the focus of law firms anxious not to be the weakest link