Tech innovation can save law firms in the squeezed middle

Female lawyers

Technology can be the lifeline to rescue middle-ranking law firms, facing increased competition and squeezed profit margins

Planning to counter tech threat to jobs

Aerial shot of ground sign

The impact of automation and artificial intelligence threatens to throw millions out of work, giving rise to a proposed universal basic income

‘We have to keep the bots under control’

As artificially intelligent software robots, or bots, become faster learners and better at mimicking human behaviour, an augmented workplace is inevitable and poses ethical and policing challenges

Can UK workers afford ‘enforced leisure’?

Woman reading

As robots and algorithms take more jobs, will enforced leisure be matched by sustained living standards?

Unmanned ships set to sail the seas

Man operating ship remotely

Ships that sail themselves will cost less to operate and use clean energy, but will see the loss of crew jobs

The internet of things is revolutionising deep mining

Mine worker with head torch

Developments enabled by the internet of things are saving lives in high-risk industries such as mining

Machines and automation could make more workers migrate

Sewing factory south asia

On the march across South-East Asia’s factories, automation is increasing the threat of mass migration of redundant low-skilled workers

Automation: is Trump ignoring potential job losses?

The Trump administration has made job creation a central focus and dismissed the threat that automation poses to the American blue- collar workforce

Jobs lost to automation is a political issue, but one that US President Donald Trump seems to be ignoring, despite voters’ concerns