Goodbye Lhasa

Despite the public image it presents, the Chinese government is slowly but surely overwhelming Tibet’s spiritual culture with a policy of targeted infrastructure development, and by marketing Tibet as a ‘theme park’ destination for tourists, who are pouring in

Asia’s cold war washes up in UK

Asia's cold ear

The defection of a UK-based North Korean diplomat hints at instability in Pyongyang, as the Kim regime’s latest nuclear test ratchets up the pressure in an already tense region

Asia’s sin cities

gambling in asia

Beijing’s crackdowns on corruption and capital flight have forced the gambling junket business to seek out new, riskier frontiers

Digital insurance: the view from asia

Asia is an increasingly attractive insurance market poised to make a greater impact on the world stage with the adoption of a digital strategy

Hague ruling breaks China’s Nine Dash Line

Map of South China Sea

An international tribunal has ruled that China’s claims to huge areas of the South China Sea have no basis in law, deepening a diplomatic standoff in the region

Philippines struggles to kick the coal habit

A country on the frontline of climate change is unable to shake off its dependence on dirty energy

El Niño adds to Asia’s climate fears

South-East Asia’s agricultural base is under threat from the unnaturally strong El Niño weather event, which has caused droughts and threatened food supplies across the world

Uber stuck in regulatory pile-up

Ride-sharing company Uber has begun to hit snag after snag in its global expansion, with potentially lucrative Asian markets closing ranks against the service