Warm welcome home with smart and effortless heating control

Modern life doesn’t run like clockwork. Most of us struggle to forecast our movements weekly, daily, even hour to hour. So when it comes to heating our home, no magic calendar could cover all the comings and goings of family, friends, partners and pets. As a result, we have historically had to endure high levels of everyday heat inefficiency, wasting time and effort, energy and money. This has impacted on comfort, costs and the climate.

The good news is, today, we have a solution: smart thermostat technology. The bad news is, much of it seems either not smart enough to be worthwhile or so complex to use we’re unable to see the benefits. What we want is something smart but simple, intelligent but intuitive, adaptable but affordable. In short, we want a smart thermostat that just gets the temperature right, automatically, all the time, and saves us as much money as possible. What we want is the smartest smart thermostat with the biggest savings.

The 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat from Warmup offers this truly automated and effortless user experience. Designed for more efficient control of your home, it cuts consumption and costs, without sacrificing comfort.


The 5iE is simply smarter than other smart thermostats. Using SmartGeo™, the 5iE controls your heating automatically and can reduce usage by up to 25 per cent compared with a normal thermostat programme. It works using the location services built into smartphones, and uniquely also learns your lifestyle patterns and calculates super-efficient home settings, so the heating is always at the right temperature, at just the right time.

This sophisticated solution is both more user friendly and energy efficient than straight occupancy-sensing thermostats, which predict your schedule and still need time to catch up and adjust the temperature with unexpected arrivals and departures. With SmartGeo, the 5iE knows when you are on your way home, no matter what change of plan, so you never come back to a cold house. Unlike standard geo-fencing thermostats, the intelligent part of SmartGeo learns your routines so it can set lower, more efficient temperatures when you are likely to be away longer, even close by, and still be up to temperature as you arrive.

Compatible with all major heating systems, the technology works for zoning too. If using multiple 5iE thermostats, SmartGeo learns when certain rooms are most likely to be used and optimises temperatures accordingly, rather than simply turning up all areas wastefully at once.

Designed for more efficient control of your home, it cuts consumption and costs, without sacrificing comfort

Warmup also understand that style matters when making smart lifestyle choices. The 5iE is therefore designed to look great in both modern and traditional interiors. Available in onyx black or bright porcelain, it’s even available with a range of vinyl overlays including natural-wood and brushed-metal effects. The large colour touchscreen can be customised with different themes and personalised with uploadable photo backgrounds to match wallpapers and paint, or just for fun. There are even seven-day local weather forecasts and traffic alerts built in.

Of course, the success and value of any smart device promising improved home efficiency and economy ultimately has to be measured in terms of both energy and money saved. The advanced 5iE’s unique EasySwitch™ service works in the background to find the best energy deals and even provides an option to set your account to switch automatically to the best available tariff every year.

According to figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK customers who switch energy supplier can save on average £210. EasySwitch not only reduces the risk of ever overpaying for energy again, but also greatly simplifies the actual process of switching. You enjoy all the efficiency and economy, with none of the effort.

With the 5iE and MyHeatingTM app controlling your central heating, a typical UK home can lower energy usage and get better energy rates, saving up to a combined £378 each year, making potential payback periods impressively short.

The MyHeating app for iOS and Android is free to download, and the 5iE Wireless Smart Thermostat retails for just £224.99, available direct from the Warmup Smart website. For £299.99 full professional installation and setup is included. In other words, the whole package could pay for itself in under ten months.

Now, that’s smart.