Want to broadcast in high quality to consumers? Here’s how…

The old model of broadcasting was restrictive. Content owners were forced to rely on satellite, cable or terrestrial networks to reach consumers. There was no other way. Going online meant uploading video onto YouTube or other low-quality services with no possibility to differentiate.

Today the rules have changed. It is possible to broadcast direct to consumers over the internet at the very highest quality. We at Arkena help the likes of broadcasters, telecom operators and content owners such as Orange, TF1 and Canal+ transmit video to consumers, either as live streaming or video-on-demand.

Our end-to-end solution called Cloud4TV allows content owners, plus anyone who wants to broadcast direct, to become a self-sufficient media brand. We host the content. We transcode it to make it suitable for multiple devices, secure it using digital right management (DRM), and manage the global bandwidth needed to deliver it to consumers as fast as possible in the best quality format.

The process begins when content is uploaded to our cloud service through an intuitive web interface. You decide when and what to transmit. And to which devices. We handle the lot, from iOS, Android and the web, to smart TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and gaming consoles.

Broadcasters need to be flexible with their business model and to experiment with new client offerings to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers. We support all approaches. Perhaps you want customers to rent films for 24 or 48-hour periods, or have a rolling monthly subscription or a hybrid model. It’s easy to implement a wide variety of billing and subscription methods be it TVOD, SVOD, EST, download-to-rent or to own. We offered a download to watch later service long before Netflix introduced their own.

Data is at the heart of every enterprise today. And it’s a powerful strength of our service. Arkena gathers and supplies key performance indicators from the multiplatform services, such as buffer times and revenue patterns filtered by country, device, or region.

Our end-to-end solution called Cloud4TV allows content owners, plus anyone who wants to broadcast direct, to become a self-sufficient media brand

These numbers give marketing teams real power to boost loyalty and reduce churn. The single dashboard enables them to drive more revenues out of their content. Let’s say a consumer hasn’t used the service much in a month and is at risk of cancellation. Your marketing team can easily put together a promotion – for example a discount code offering three months for half price to retain the customer.

Quality of experience is key. At Arkena, the front-end makes life simple for consumers too. They can easily browse a video-on-demand collection, have content recommended especially for them and benefit from the best quality of experience possible.

Most companies will be starting with some experience in broadcasting online. Our modular system means Arkena can adapt to meet the needs of your exciting operations. We can deliver our service in elements and just add what you need now, with the security of knowing you have additional modules to future-proof your offering. Our platform has an extensive array of APIs, which make it straightforward to integrate with your existing system. Naturally our technicians have the expertise to execute the plan swiftly and efficiently.

Reliability is critical. Consumers are accustomed to premium quality, delivered with near-zero load times. Our parent TDF is one of the leaders in audio-visual broadcasting, giving Arkena exceptional capacity and manpower to deliver your service smoothly ensuring 24/7 monitoring. For example, we are the partner of a major sports broadcaster, which holds the rights to many worldwide tournaments. Games are broadcast online in all geographies. High-profile live events draw high-volume traffic over a very short time window that would challenge many other providers.

Starting your journey into online broadcasting begins with a simple step. Arkena has offices across Europe, including the UK, where staff are happy to discuss your plans. Our startup package offers a flat fee for a given number of subscribers. As your audience grows beyond that limit, so the package expands. We offer a white label template, meaning it’s possible to begin broadcasting with next to no technical infrastructure on the client side. Just add logos, change the colour scheme and you are ready to go.

Broadcasting is changing. Consumers want to view content beamed directly to them on the device of their choosing. And content owners want direct contact with viewers to build relationships and offer wider services. Our technology is at the heart of this revolution.

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