The tipping point for women at work

A new landscape of hybrid work means businesses must address a need for community and networking to close the gender gap or risk losing their most valuable resource

It’s no secret that championing women in the workplace brings tangible business benefits. But, as organisations make the shift towards hybrid working models, women’s needs may be underestimated.

Despite a proven ability to deliver professionally within male-dominated sectors, many female employees still struggle, particularly in leadership roles. The ability to be heard, influence change, and advocate for their well-being continues to be a significant stumbling block.

“Increasing levels of burnout and a lack of tailored support when it comes to women’s progression is leading to decreasing job satisfaction. This is all amplified by a disrupted work-life balance and a lack of internal network, as our ways of working have become increasingly hybridised” warns Ella Vize, head of academy and learning programmes at AllBright.

Vize describes a Venn diagram that converges on what many female employees view as a problem for which resignation is the only clear solution. If left unchecked, businesses risk stoking the flames of the Great Resignation, or the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon.

“On the flip side, we’re seeing businesses who invest in women’s upskilling and community-building, and who understand the unique challenges women can face really turn things around. Organisations have to wake up to it and commit to change, or they’re going to lose a huge portion of their workforce” Vize continues.

Organisations have to commit to change or they’re going to lose a huge portion of their workforce

Deloitte’s Women@Work 2022: A Global Outlook report found widespread burnout among female staff post-pandemic. A need to seek out flexible working patterns has meant leaving otherwise established roles, with 40% of women actively looking for a new role due to burnout. As of 2022, only 10% plan to stay with their current employer for more than five years.

Remote working has meant that many women have lost vital support networks. There is a demand for businesses to help women connect, upskill and thrive, in person and online. “The ability to get together and share ideas and advice, to know that there are groups of people you can reach out to, is a very powerful tool in helping women rise to the top,” says Vize. “In 2022, the hybrid working model has a great many benefits but one of the drawbacks has been a difficulty in re-establishing those networks.”

A significant cohort of women between the ages of 45 and 55 are increasingly vocal about the lack of support from their employers. Making up the largest workforce demographic, these women are likely to be highly experienced, occupying vital senior leadership roles. The threat is clear, a great resignation here could prove disastrous for business stability.

Many companies are starting to take an active role in supporting this key group, looking to suppliers such as AllBright to deliver formalised training and community resources to support their female workforce in every area of the business.

The newly launched AllBright Alliance is a global coalition that brings these businesses together. Members receive access to exclusive research, insights and events as well as workshops, membership packages and community-building opportunities, tailored to championing women in the workplace. “AllBright is all about driving change through upskilling, networks and community, and AllBright Alliance brings those things together for our partner organisations. Employers who join will be part of a powerful community – it’s an opportunity to foster real, lasting change”, Vize concludes.

This investment allows businesses to meet their goals for success and equity whilst providing stability for women and the organisations they work for. Members will also be entitled to the ‘BrightMark’ certification, signifying their commitment to current and prospective employees. A badge of honour in the ongoing war for talent.

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