The secret of business transformaton is real-time visibility

Last year marked further technology advancements with the use of more advanced analytics, smart tags, 3D bar codes, smart sensing and machine-learning, to name a few.

From retail and healthcare to manufacturing and transportation and logistics (T&L), the impact of these advances is being felt far and wide, as enterprises are excited about the possibilities that innovative technologies can bring to their customers.

Business transformation in action

Zebra Technologies works with 95 per cent of Fortune 500 companies, giving them the competitive edge they need to transform their operations. Our visionary solutions have improved everything from the efficiency of global shipping networks to healthcare patient identification and care.

Over the last four decades, Zebra has been the driving force for innovation in printing, mobile computing and, more recently, the internet of things (IoT). Today we are focused on helping enterprises and government organisations adopt a more dynamic work flow through IoT-centric sensor technology, powerful cloud computing software and connected enterprise-class mobile computers.

In the retail industry, Zebra has worked with businesses to deliver unprecedented shopping experiences that boost customer engagement and competitive advantage with services such as location-based coupons and assistance, real-time shopping maps, and new loyalty programs.

In T&L, Zebra has helped implement intelligent route-planning systems, which reduce journey time and therefore overall fuel consumption. Zebra’s technology solutions are creating deeper, broader integration points across manufacturing processes to increase safety and quality.

And in healthcare, Zebra’s printers and advanced data-capture technology are being used for better tracking and recording of medications, processing information in real time for better patient care, and enhancing patient safety through improved electronic identification and easy access to digital health records.

Medical practitioners use Zebra technology to enable better patient care, tracking and recording patient data in real time

Medical practitioners use Zebra technology to enable better patient care, tracking and recording patient data in real time

Making decisions faster

Across all markets and industries, clear actionable intelligence and the ability to respond quickly is the secret to business transformation. In response to this, enterprise asset intelligence (EAI) has emerged to provide businesses real-time visibility into every aspect of their operations, resulting in improved productivity, reduced expenses, empowered mobile workforces and increased opportunities for growth.

Zebra is leading the growing EAI category through its operational framework of “sense, analyse and act”. Zebra solutions automatically sense information from enterprise assets, such as packages moving through a supply chain, equipment in a factory, or workers in a warehouse or store. Operational data from these assets, including status, location, utilisation or preferences, is then analysed to provide actionable insights. These insights can then be mobilised to the right person at the right time so they can be acted upon to drive better, more-timely decisions by users anywhere at any time.

Make more sense of your data

Over the last few years, we have also witnessed an exponential growth in unstructured data generated as almost every industry is disrupted by IoT and data analytics. According to IDC, every person online will create 1.7 megabytes of new data every second by 2020. Many organisations are unable to make full sense of this data fast enough before it loses its value.

At Zebra, we believe data is perishable. Its value is time sensitive and has a limited shelf life, so businesses must make sense of data before it expires. Enterprises that are not decoding this data fast enough are at risk of losing valuable insights, which could help them create a broad view of their enterprise and aid the decisions that could underpin their successful operation.

To succeed in today’s changing times, businesses need to be as smart and connected as the world we live in, and real-time visibility will be the driver behind successful business transformation.

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