The invisible truth about your teeth

We spend thousands on our hair, skin and make-up and days choosing the perfect outfit, but all the while ignoring the invisible foes hard at work to weaken our gnashers.

If you love smoothies or fruit juices, or sipping a glass of wine in the evening, then you could be a victim. A recent study showed that in the UK, 54 per cent of young adults, aged 18 to 35 years, have significant tooth wear.

So why are we not doing right by our enamel?

Enamel is the hardest substance in the body and half as scratch-resistant as diamond. Though it might be tough to scratch, it’s quite easily demineralised by acid attack. The enamel erosion process often goes unnoticed. And once enamel is lost, our body cannot regenerate it.

There are various causes of enamel erosion. Some people grind their teeth at night due to stress, but the main culprit is the habit of constantly drinking and snacking throughout the day.

The frequency of acid attacks on enamel has a serious effect and it often goes unnoticed. The saliva is unable to neutralise the acid and remineralise the tooth with the constant onslaught of acid attacks, and so enamel erosion occurs. The consequences can be transparency, yellowing, sensitivity and even cracking.

While we might think that sparkling water is a healthy option on a night out, the gas in carbonated water has a pH level of 3.9 and puts it on the same acidity levels similar to beer and wine. With pH 7 being neutral, while you might be taking care of your liver, your teeth are getting a battering.

And you aren’t even safe from fruit juices either with a pH level of around 3.4, while sports drinks and sodas range in pH as low as 2.3. To put that into context, stomach acid has a pH of 2.0.

REGENERATE Enamel Science™ is the first dental care system able to reverse the early invisible stages of the enamel erosion process and regenerate the enamel mineral.



Fred Schafer, who led the nine-year research into the REGENERATE system, explained that the treatment is inspired by technology used to regrow bone following trauma or tumour removal. REGENERATE is powered by a similar technology essentially to deposit enamel mineral on to the teeth.

“The essential mineral found in bone – hydroxyapatite – is not dissimilar to that found in teeth, so why not transfer it from A to B? That was one of those light-bulb moments,” explained Mr Schafer.

“REGENERATE Enamel Science is the only system on the market that manages to form a layer of new enamel mineral on top of existing tooth enamel. That is its unique strength.”

REGENERATE Enamel Science is clinically proven to regenerate 82 per cent of enamel mineral in three days. The Advanced Toothpaste helps restore original whiteness and provides stronger teeth thanks to the minerals in its formula, calcium silicate and sodium phosphate, naturally present in your enamel. REGENERATE™ Advanced Enamel Serum offers a boost of the regenerating power, improving the effectiveness of the toothpaste by 43 per cent in just a few minutes a day for three days once a month.

And as nobody wants to travel with a range of dental apparatus, this year REGENERATE Enamel Science launched a travel-sized Advanced Toothpaste, ideal for when you need a bit of zing on the wing.

A little education about erosion wouldn’t go amiss, says Dr Rhona Eskander of Chelsea Dental Clinic. “The problem of enamel erosion is on the rise,” she says. “I see more and more cases of it in my practice. As dentists, we are trained to focus so much on gum disease and tooth decay that it’s lower on our list of priorities, however the consequences can be just as damaging, leading to thinning and cracking of the teeth, sensitivity and tooth yellowing.”

By seeing a dentist regularly and getting a proper diagnosis, patients can be helped to nip the dental erosion in the bud and minimise the consequences with early preventive or restorative treatment. “We can also advise about simple lifestyle and dietary changes which can mean that the problem is not escalated and more radical treatment is not required,” says Dr Eskander.

REGENERATE Enamel Science is available at most Boots stores and online. For more information please visit