The essential human role in decision-making

More investment in systems and sensors has generated greater data volumes at exponentially accelerating speeds. But what happens when leaders need to see and act on all this data? Data cannot act on itself. Data does not matter until it is part of a solution that somebody can use.

To many it simply doesn’t seem possible that today’s knowledge worker, still using bar charts and spreadsheet graphs, will ever have the tools necessary to catch up and exploit the latent power in all of this data.

Some suggest the answer lies in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) with its capacity to process at a speed that human beings can’t match. But despite the advantages AI can offer, people will continue to be vital to organisations because of unique factors that machines cannot replicate or supersede; among these are human judgment and accountability.

Even the world’s best data needs people to make it work

To make the most of existing and rapidly emerging data from sensors, interconnected devices and continuous unstructured informational streams, decision-makers at all levels need a new class of interoperable analytics solutions that lets knowledge workers see and understand all their data where and when they need it. Operational monitoring and analysis with rapid data synthesis of all available sources enables better understanding, planning and decision-making, and spur-of-the-moment tactical management for critical tasks.

Enterprise data has always been important. Today’s challenge is to improve the effectiveness and impact that leaders have to access it with the right resources and tools. The dichotomy of human or machine is a false choice. The true opportunity lies in combining and maximising the powers of each: a mutually reinforcing system between information, machine and human elements.

Power of immersive operational data

Conduce is the human interface for the enterprise. It enables leaders and teams to see and interact with all their data instantly using a single, intuitive interface. Decision-makers see internal and external data from any source, explore it fully and unlock real value across three fundamental contexts: operational monitoring and analysis; rapid data synthesis of all available sources to enable better planning and decision-making; and spur-of-the-moment tactical management for critical tasks in real time.

Transforming data into a fundamental competitive advantage

Businesses of all types and sizes face similar requirements and informational needs, from bringing siloed data together into a single visual platform to enabling quick and effective decision-making and collaboration. Conduce synthesises operational, strategic and tactical contexts to unlock the full potential of data across a wide range of enterprises from defence and intelligence to logistics, retail, consumer packaged goods, energy, travel, manufacturing and more.

With Conduce, empowered leaders with the right data collaborate effectively, make smarter decisions and transform disembodied data into the competitive advantage it was always meant to be.

In the digital organisation, human beings play an essential role. Conduce can help. Learn how in our white paper and discover why people are the most important part of the digital enterprise.

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