The divide is over: welcome to the age of choice

The public cloud is not purpose built for enterprise requirements and enterprise-grade storage is not as user friendly as the cloud.

Now, thanks to a strong demand from customers, at Pure Storage we have bridged this divide by introducing a pioneering solution that enables the next generation of hybrid applications to run seamlessly across clouds. In November, we announced Pure Storage Cloud Data Services, a suite of new cloud offerings that run natively on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

Cloud Data Services will empower our customers, enabling them to invest in a single-storage architecture that unifies application deployments on-premises and in the public cloud to transform data flexibly into value anywhere and everywhere.

The combination of enterprise application mobility and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine-learning and deep analytics, has exponentially boosted the strategic importance of digital infrastructure.

Five years ago, our customers talked about the desire to adopt a cloud-first strategy, but the limited capabilities meant that some workloads required them to sit on-premises. There was no nuance to the conversation; it was either on-premises or public cloud. Additionally, there was no credible integrating technology available at the time that allowed clients to use both seamlessly.

We want customers to have the flexibility to utilise both options and now we can offer that bridge, unifying the cloud. Simply put, Pure Storage Cloud Data Services enables customers to deliver on their cloud vision in three unique ways.


First, it helps them to build clouds. Organisations can create private clouds on-premises, or in hosted environments, to deliver storage-as-a-service with the performance, availability and ease of use that customers expect.


Not only can customers run applications on-premises or hosted environments, but they can also run seamlessly on Pure in the public cloud. A shared storage platform enables applications to be built once and run anywhere in the hybrid cloud model.


Finally, it delivers data protection everywhere and this is a crucial point. Customers have the flexibility to choose the best back-up, recovery and retention options for their specific needs by replacing legacy tape and disk with high-performance flash and cost-effective cloud storage.

Pure Storage Cloud Data Services connects on-premises with the public cloud, enabling customers to create hybrid applications anywhere and move them to the other solution without friction and at speed. In effect, our capabilities serve up a multi-cloud for our clients; it could be private, storage-as-a-service or edge computing and so on. Their business needs dictate where they want to create new applications and this new functionality means they can evolve at speed.

At Pure, we understand it is critical for organisations to have real-time access to data and applications. Customers have come to expect an environment where they can take advantage of data anywhere and anytime, wherever it lives. Our vision is to create a data-centric architecture that enables fast, shared access. The launch of Pure Storage Cloud Data Services is a huge step towards enabling that for enterprises.

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