Talent selection needs a dose of innovation for hiring challenges

Amid fluctuating current trends and prospective forecasts, businesses need to go beyond quick-fix tools and instead look to instil a cultural DNA that negates the uncertain.

“You can’t wait for the future to show itself, you need to see it now,” says Charles Hipps, chief executive and founder of Oleeo, a diverse team of technology and talent acquisition professionals, who have come together to guide organisations towards and through this cultural transformation when it comes to hiring.

“Talent shortfalls, diversity challenges, the growing demands of your business and competitors fighting for every advantage is everyone’s reality at present. And while some say tools like artificial intelligence (AI) are the only solution to keep up with these challenges, we think they’re only part of it.” Oleeo statistics

Oleeo boasts more than 20 years’ experience in recruitment technology, overseeing many of the shifts and trends that now dictate industry. The company has consequently witnessed the rise of many concerning statistics, chief among them that small and medium-sized enterprises are wasting more than £125,000 a year on failed recruitment.

“Successful recruitment lies in bringing together human experience and AI capabilities, creating superhumans capable of finding the best talent, fast,” Mr Hipps explains. “And our Intelligent Selection tool can help you do that by realising the future, now.”

Oleeo can cite 40 per cent increases for clients looking to increase the number of applications and hires by using its Intelligent Selection tool.

“It’s simple really; why employ the same when you can employ better?” he adds. “When you want to employ better people than you did yesterday, you need to employ better ways to recruit now. It’s time to reset existing behaviours, shed unnecessary burden, and arm yourself and your team with the tools required to outperform the competition.”

Bigger, better, faster, further

Through the power of Intelligent Selection, Oleeo enables companies to break the source of talent wide open. This enables clients to attract, engage and hire more skilled and diverse teams in a bigger, better, faster and more expansive way than ever before.

“‘Bigger’ entails the power to explore the unknown,” says Mr Hipps. “Talent is not missing; it’s out there waiting for you. To discover diverse talent, you need to explore diverse sources and unleash the potential they hold. Venturing into new sources with AI can help realise significant time and cost-savings by processing vastly more applications, yet only recommending the best-fit candidates with diversity in mind and bias eliminated.

“And ‘better’ empowers companies to mitigate the ‘what you see isn’t always what you get’ conundrum. Intelligent Selection can crunch thousands of datapoints already used in hiring activities and utilise the strongest predictors of success, to ensure improved hire quality, better conversion rates and increased performance for business longevity.”

A smoother talent acquisition process will deliver positive results on your bottom line

This requires an inherent trust in the power of AI, which merges improved quality and efficiency “faster”. Instant identification is the third strand emphasised by Oleeo, but to pinpoint star ratings manually for every hiring touchpoint is impossible. And in a climate where talent won’t wait for manual processes to catch up, it’s imperative organisations adopt AI to beat competitors to the punch.

“A cultural shift in HR that embraces digitisation gives you the power to see beyond the horizon or the final parameter of ‘further’,” Mr Hipps concludes.

“Smart recruitment can improve organisational performance by as much as two thirds. It’s therefore imperative to shape the future by learning from real-time insights that enable continuous improvement in efficiency, compliance and effectiveness.

“Ultimately, a smoother talent acquisition process will deliver positive results on your bottom line, while talent quality will deliver positive results on your top line from day one and beyond.”

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