Smarter home insurance

Neos, a new UK-based insurance company, is revolutionising the market by giving customers the latest smart home devices to protect their homes and possessions proactively.

Homeowners are provided with a complete smart home protection system, plus premium home insurance from highly rated insurer Hiscox. All the smart home protection devices are included within the cost of the insurance premium, giving homeowners additional reassurance as part of their policy.
stl_neos_4-e1480348704462Neos provides a wireless camera, motion sensors, smoke alarms, door and window sensors, and water-leak detectors, all of which are linked to your home wi-fi and can be controlled by the Neos app. The app alerts you in real time if a sensor is triggered and has, for example, detected intruders, smoke or water that could cause damage to your home and prized possessions.

What the Neos system means is that you can protect your home from the palm of your hand and take immediate action as soon as you receive an alert. If you’re at work or on holiday, you can resolve the problem quickly. The app behaves like a virtual housesitter, which means there’s no need to rely on the less reassuring approach of asking neighbours to periodically check on your home while you’re away. This is particularly useful given that recent research has shown less than 2 per cent of people would alert the police if they heard a house alarm going off nearby.

All Neos’ devices link to a dedicated emergency response centre, so there’s somebody on hand to help 24 hours a day. The emergency response team can call homeowners or appointed keyholders to alert them of problems. They will even arrange the right tradespeople to fix any issues up to the value of £1,000, as part of the Hiscox home emergency policy, which is included as standard with Neos. You also get free home installation by a professional Neos engineer if you sign up before Janaury 31st.

The idea that prevention is better than cure is Neos’ core philosophy. By actively protecting homeowners with technology, Neos hopes to save them considerable heartbreak and headaches. Their belief that prevention is better than payouts is an approach that is likely to find widespread support among consumers.

Neos is revolutionising traditional insurance by providing preventive smart home tech as part of your policy – at no extra cost

“Statistics show that four British homeowners make a home insurance claim every minute,” says Matt Poll, Neos chief executive. “Each time that happens, someone has experienced a distressing situation that might have been prevented. Insurance payouts help customers in times of need, but all the money in the world can’t replace those personal items like photographs and family heirlooms.”

Water causes £2.5 million worth of damage to UK homes each day, according to statistics from the Association of British Insurers (ABI). And although homeowners tend to worry more about the risk of theft, recent ABI data shows that, after weather damage, escape of water is the most common reason for home insurance claims. For this reason, Neos is dedicated to developing its leak-detection capabilities and currently provides every customer with water-leak sensors.

Smart home

Unlike a traditional alarm system, Neos enables homeowners to check up on their home from anywhere in the world – something that’s sure to be popular with commuters and frequent travellers. You can also use the app to view a live feed from your wireless indoor camera for extra peace of mind.

What’s more, Neos is committed to keeping all its customers’ home technology up to date with periodic upgrades at least every three years.

The true secret of Neos’ success, however, is likely to be the fact that it harnesses cutting-edge smart home technology and combines it with service-led insurance. In doing so they meet homeowners’ needs of round-the-clock home protection and peace of mind, both when they are at home and away.

Krystian Zajac, Neos’ chief technology officer, says: “Neos is helping to remove some of the key barriers to entry for smart homes, namely price and ongoing customer value. We fundamentally believe that smart home should be about more than just turning on and off your heating or lights from your phone. It should be able to actively protect your home from harmful things taking place and assure you that the possessions and property you care about most are protected 24/7.

“We include the devices within the cost of your premium and fit them for you. And they are fully wireless so they can be fitted into properties of any size or period. Each device has a small form factor and minimalist design that allows them to blend seamlessly with your home.”

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