Silent revolution to liberate talent

There is an unspoken revolution underway in talent management. According to Simon Blockley, chief executive of Guidant Global, the specialist outsourcing arm of the Impellam Group: “The idea of achieving business growth by burning people out, and making them work harder and faster for less money, has proven to be unworkable.

“You can’t just burn through people, churning out the same level of service at a lower cost. You have to realise the power of individuals, of people, of creativity. By putting people in a role, giving them the space to own and master that role, and recognising what they’re contributing, companies will see improved results.

“We know all this because that’s how our business is run. Both in terms of how we advise our clients and in how we recruit our team of experts; it’s vital to create a sense of inclusion, purpose, fulfilment and autonomy, so the workforce can be the difference.”

Guidant Global applies this notion to almost 100 enterprise-level, blue-chip clients across numerous areas of industry and in more than 80 countries.

For each market-leading, often household name, heritage brand, the company delivers a refreshing and innovative approach to talent attraction, engagement and management.

“We have the infrastructure, processes, standard operating procedures and expertise to deliver brilliant outsourced recruiting services,” says Mr Blockley. “Our business is renowned for delivering a service that resonates on a client-centric basis, using their tone of voice, with an understanding of their sector and unique requirements.”

The ability to ramp up a retail client’s warehouse operations from 500 to 1,000 individuals within a short space of time, while simultaneously using digital marketing techniques to improve diversity levels within the client’s workforce is an apt example of what Guidant Global can achieve with its “what, how, why?” ethos.

We champion a better, more forward-thinking way of working. We listen, challenge, partner and advise

As Mr Blockley explains, the “what” emanates from a desire to innovate where he perceives there is a tired outsourced recruitment market.

“The sector got too caught up in stats, facts and KPIs, and forgot it was dealing with people,” he says. “We’ve brought that focus back by giving end-clients access to great people. This then leads into the ‘how’, which is by being an employer of choice ourselves.

“We have to practise what we preach and, if you look at our ratings and awards, we can evidence the fact that we do.”



Adhering to Guidant Global’s motto of “People Lead Growth”, by enhancing its own recruitment strategy and enriching individuals accordingly, those people go on to deliver that same creative and quality service to end-clients, forming the ultimate, virtuous, people-centric model.

“The people leading our business, and therefore the market, tune into and understand what individual clients’ resourcing challenges are, then take solutions to a new level to solve their specific business problems,” says Mr Blockley.

Finally, the “why” serves as an underpinning of both the “what” and “how”. Mr Blockley elaborates: “The ‘why’ is because there’s a better way.

“The service offering in our industry isn’t great and what motivates Guidant is the commitment to setting a new bar in delivering proper recruitment outsourcing services that can solve business challenges and create competitive advantages.”

The drive to find and enact a better way permeates through Guidant’s entire continuous improvement philosophy, encouraging employees to find improved approaches and strategies, so they in turn can deliver a better service to clients, who at the end of the cycle can improve their levels of recruitment and talent management.

Mr Blockley concludes: “The whole ‘better way’ concept is what gets me out of bed in the morning. We want to prove that the recruitment outsourcing industry is amazing and can make a tangible difference.

“By setting this new bar and moving the industry away from its traditional, tactical, reactive approach, we can continue to facilitate clients’ growth.”

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