Science behind your beauty sleep

Sleep is key to beauty. By day the skin’s natural defences are on alert, while at night it switches to repair mode, creating new cells. Studies show our skin looks most luminous, even and radiant in the late-morning while wrinkles are more pronounced later in the day.

These natural cycles are part of our body’s circadian rhythms, physical changes that follow a roughly 24-hour cycle. They respond to light and darkness. Scientists have discovered every skin cell has its own clock mechanism affecting all skin functions from sebum secretion to hydration levels and cell renewal.

But modern life puts those rhythms under constant attack. Pollution, temperature, UV light and blue light emitted from laptops and smartphones impact on our internal clock.  How? Studies show stem cells, which renew our skin overnight, are sensitive to pollution, while blue light shifts circadian rhythms, altering the hormones that trigger sleep, overnight detoxification and cell renewal.

These discoveries in chronobiology have inspired award-winning British skincare brand This Works to create products that support 24-hour skin health.

Starting with sleep, This Works has identified the four key phases for skin defence and renewal, and has created scientifically proven treatments to optimise these processes. All products are tested on a panel of consumers to ensure they live up to the brand’s promise: “This Works”.


Melatonin and growth hormone levels peak.

Detoxification takes place within skin cells.

Stem cells in the epidermis replace aged cells with new cells.

24-hour skin solution: This Works best-selling Deep Sleep or Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, which continuously release a therapeutic sleep fragrance of lavender, vetivert and camomile extracts for longer, deeper sleep.


Skin water content is at its lowest.

Skin may appear red and irritated.

DNA repair is less active and skin needs to be protected.

24-hour skin solution: This Works In Transit steps in to reduce inflammation, repair weakened skin, reinforce the skin barrier and protect from aggressors, including pollution and UV light. It contains SPF 30 plus, a superblend of repairing antioxidant plant oils.


Hydration levels increase throughout the day.

Sebum production peaks in the afternoon.

Maximum skin exposure to pollution and UV.

Energy levels drop mid-afternoon.

Wrinkles become more apparent.

24-hour skin solution: No Wrinkles Extreme Moisture’s anti-ageing superblend of active ingredients includes hyaluronic acid, moringa oil and British-grown crambe oil to moisturise and nourish. Time-released retinol works all day to support skin renewal.


DNA repair is boosted.

Levels of the anti-oxidant hormone melatonin levels rise.

Skin has accumulated environmental pollutants.

It is more receptive to the absorption of topical treatments.

24-hour skin solution: Detox and renew with pollution-removing Light Time Cleanse and Glow brightening cleanser with vitamin C. No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture supports overnight skin repair and reduces water loss.

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