Re-invention of the pregnancy experience

Pregnancy can be punctuated by anxious moments. Families would like a personal doctor on hand throughout pregnancy. This is obviously impossible, but HeraBEAT’s cutting-edge technology, backed by scientific research, enables expectant mothers and their partners to monitor foetal heartbeat anytime, anywhere.

HeraBEAT is a new solution that provides medical-grade assurance at home, when it is needed most.

The innovative technology incorporates a palm-sized, oval-shaped multi-sensor that connects wirelessly to a smartphone app – both iOS and Android versions are available – that provides guidance, monitors the baby’s heartbeat, stores the readings and enables seamless data-sharing with a qualified third party for analysis.

It is a unique, accurate at-home monitoring service. It is reassurance at home within minutes.

HeraBEAT has had extensive lab-testing, a rigorous optimisation process, clinical trials and collaborations with some of the leading brands in the medical world, such as the Mayo Clinic and TEVA. The result is a gold-standard device that matches the accuracy and reliability of expensive hospital solutions.

Crucially, it empowers women, brings couples together and makes pregnancy a different experience without taking away any of the wonder and awe of creating a new life.

HeraBEAT provides expectant mums with a new balance between their concerns and the level of assistance needed in many cases

HeraBEAT is a smart ultrasound doppler that combines unique sensing technology, advanced algorithms and a mobile app which opens a new window in prenatal care. It also features an optical sensor to capture maternal heart signals, which are automatically analysed and compared with foetal heart signals to prevent confusion.

Its ultra-wide acoustic beam shortens search duration and ensures stable results, even in earlier stages of pregnancy. Packed with proprietary technology and user-friendly features,  HeraBEAT overcomes all challenges and complexities which plague other self-operated foetal monitors.

Its safe, step-by-step guidance takes the expectant mother through the process of finding an optimal location on her abdomen for the sensor, then deploys sophisticated algorithms to filter and categorise signals and sounds. HeraBEAT plays and records the foetal heartbeats and displays a graph as well as average beats per minute.

“The HeraBEAT device is a potential game-changer in empowering pregnant women to better manage their pregnancies, especially for those with a greater number of risk factors such as older mums. The user interface is highly intuitive, an essential feature required for widespread adoption. This device is going to help positively transform midwifery and obstetric services across the globe,” says Dr Michael Stein, an experienced digital healthcare entrepreneur.

HeraBEAT comes with a supporting app giving real-time results

Dr Josef Tovbin, head of labour and delivery at Israel’s Assuta Ashdod University Hospital, adds: “It’s a first step to calming nerves when you haven’t felt the baby move in a while. HeraBEAT provides expectant mums with a new balance between their concerns and the level of assistance needed in many cases. I believe at-home solutions can save a lot of time and worry, and reduce the number of unnecessary hospital visits.”

David Groberman, founder and chief executive of device creators HeraMED, comments: “The idea was for parents to receive the much-needed reassurance about their baby anytime, anywhere. Having listened carefully to parents’ pregnancy experiences, we set out to transform the moments of uncertainty into positive ones, providing genuine medical value intertwined with heartfelt memories that last a lifetime.”

The company has a thirst for innovation and a commitment to make a lasting difference across the pregnancy sector by developing extra services and devices to monitor pregnancy and create improved healthcare.

HeraBEAT will be launching in the UK during April 2019. For further information please go to or search for HeraBEAT on Facebook and Instagram.