Putting technology to work in the service of people

In this digital age, the exponential rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation brings with it questions over the role of the workforce, but any challenges are far outweighed by the opportunities on offer.

When you consider that most of us will spend around a third of our lives working, being able to jettison the boring, repetitive and mundane elements of our roles has the power to generate happier, more productive and more valuable employees.

The C-suite is realising that getting this employee experience right hands them a huge competitive advantage and embracing technology is crucial for success.

In our annual research study, The State of Work, now in its fourth year, we explore the demands of workers and it’s clear the way we currently work is falling short of employee expectations.

Firstly, people want to be able to run their working life in the same way they run their personal life. They think: “I can book a taxi, order a takeaway or buy a product online that will be delivered the same day, all through an app on my phone, so why on earth can’t I reset my work password, order a new laptop, request holiday or book a meeting in the same way?”

Secondly, people actually want to be more productive. They don’t want to continue to spend two days of their week on manual, administrative work that stifles their creativity
and strengths.

Keeping staff engaged and motived, and providing greater purpose in their roles is essential to both attract and retain the very best talent.

Further, by focusing on individuals, the culture of an organisation evolves and adds value for both employees
and customers.

The role of the employee is central to the success of any business and their workplace experience is of critical importance, now more than ever.

At ServiceNow, we strive to “make the world of work, work better for people”, creating simpler and faster ways for people to get work done to ensure meaningful customer and employee experiences.

We believe those great experiences should happen from day one of a job. Onboarding is a classic use-case, as this is where many organisations have an unstructured workflow. Too often, a new employee walks into the office and finds that he or she cannot work straightaway because the desk, laptop, system login credentials, identification badge and so on are not ready.

For these reasons, the first three weeks of a new employee’s life cycle can be the most unproductive. This is also the window when the organisation has the ability to make a real impact on their new employee’s perception of the company.

At ServiceNow, we empower teams to make this an incredibly positive and straightforward experience from minute one.

Having that attitude truly makes a difference in this ever-competitive landscape. We are helping organisations, including Virgin Trains, Experian, RBS, Siemens AG and WorldPay, lay down a bedrock of systems of engagement and service that allow them to improve the way they do business and enrich the experience of the work itself.

ServiceNow was originally a platform that assisted with workflow in information technology service management. Business leaders quickly saw the real impact of our work and the value of expanding this approach into other areas, including human resources, customer service management and
security operations.

We reduce complexity and make processes seamless, fast and effective using automation and AI, which can afford workers up to 20 per cent more time to focus on the “human” elements of their job. These aspects – innovation, creativity and people management – require emotional intelligence and are intrinsically hard for machines to replicate.

At ServiceNow, we believe technology should be harnessed to enhance the service of people, not the other way round. Applied correctly, it can serve and augment employees, making their workplace experiences richer and more productive.

Those business leaders who adopt this approach early will not only future-proof their organisations, but steal a game-changing march on
their competitors.

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