Partnering in the nation’s health

The UK’s population is ageing. Medical advances mean people are living longer. When the National Health Service was created, life expectancy was 13 years less than it is today. Vaccines now play a vital role in preventing death and disability. Heart attacks no longer take the lives of as many people. Even cancer is not the death sentence it once was.

But this progress has come at a cost. People are living longer with a growing number of long-term chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and dementia. The average 65 year old costs the NHS 2.5 times more than the average 30 year old. An 85 year old costs more than five times as much. The cost to the NHS therefore continues to rise.


“At Sanofi, we have deliberately established ourselves as a truly diversified healthcare company. We accompany people on their full healthcare journey from birth through to old age, contributing wherever we can make a difference,” says Hugo Fry, general manager for the UK, and general manager of Sanofi Pasteur for the UK and Ireland.

“Through our five distinctive but complementary global business units, we support those living with chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, innovate in specialty care conditions including multiple sclerosis and rare diseases, prevent death and disability through vaccination, and empower millions to take charge of their own wellbeing with effective self-care solutions.”

In complex, resource-constrained times, Sanofi supports the NHS in reaching their healthcare goals. We strive to add value on top of innovation to deliver effective and affordable prevention and treatment accompanied by the highest quality of value-added services and solutions.

Sanofi tackles health challenges collaboratively in the UK. We work in partnership with the NHS. We have a number of joint-working projects up and running. Another eight are in development, all aimed at improving quality of care for people living with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Sanofi is a partner in improving the nation’s health

We actively partner with patient and professional groups to support the prevention and treatment of diseases that significantly impact the wellbeing of the population and the UK healthcare system. We develop not only the treatments, but also the services and solutions that accompany them.

In multiple sclerosis, for example, we supply a personalised one-to-one support programme and home delivery that complements existing care provided by the NHS. We protect the health of the nation by working to increase vaccine coverage rates among at-risk populations through access to educational resources and tools such as vaccination reminders.

We are also committed to further enable self-care and reduce the burden on healthcare services. We provide access to sharps bins, demonstration materials, and online self-management tools to equip and empower people to manage their own condition effectively.


Medicine is constantly evolving. Extraordinary advances have been made in fighting disease and extending life, but we need to innovate continually to bring effective life-enhancing medicines and devices to the UK.

Sanofi is committed to sustaining our innovation in research and development, expanding our pipeline in leadership categories including diabetes and rare diseases, and rebuilding a competitive position in oncology. Our pipeline contains 43 pharmaceutical new molecular entities, excluding life-cycle management, and vaccine candidates in clinical development of which 12 are in phase III or have been submitted to the regulatory authorities for approval.

In the UK, we have more than 2,000 people involved in clinical trials, and worldwide Sanofi invests €5 billion every year, rising to €6 billion by 2020, to develop and identify new innovative treatments to meet the needs of people across the globe.

We view our scientific partnerships and the launch of new treatments as critical. We have therefore strengthened the efficiency of our industrial resources. Regardless of where our treatments are manufactured, our industrial network provides both healthcare professionals and patients with the highest quality and maximum safety.


Our dedication to make a real difference to the lives of people every day is fundamental to how we operate our business. In 2015, we had 280 corporate social responsibility initiatives, benefiting more than 300 million people worldwide. We contribute to initiatives with groups such as the World Health Organization, and organisations supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation. In the UK and Ireland, we have multiple corporate charity partnerships to provide a platform to drive positive change in communities.

We commit to diversity, inclusion and professional development of our employees. We see this as fundamental to delivering the best for the people whose lives we touch. Efforts around talent management and retention have been recognised by Investors in People and the UK is rated a top employer by the Top Employer Institute for providing exceptional conditions for employees and developing talent.

Mr Fry concludes: “Sanofi is a partner in improving the nation’s health. We are dedicated to empowering people to live life to the fullest and engaging with our healthcare stakeholders to deliver real value beyond our medicines.”

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