New perspectives

There are a few key elements when it comes to a great event space: good accessibility, proximity to suppliers and hotels, and state-of-the-art facilities. Put all that in one of Europe’s biggest metropolitan areas, and at favourable terms, and you have the makings of a great event

Messe Essen is situated in the heart of Essen, an unsung hero when it comes to cities. With a population of around 600,000, Essen is Germany’s ninth-biggest city; it was European Capital of Culture in 2010 and European Green Capital in 2017.

Just 20 minutes from Dusseldorf International Airport, Messe Essen has excellent connections to more than 200 destinations worldwide. At the same time, being in the heart of the city means event attendees don’t have to travel miles in a taxi to get to the venue. And outside the conference or exhibition, there are hotels, restaurants and bars within walking distance, enabling groups to stick together, and making the site unique when it comes to location.

On top of this, because Essen is an insider tip, pricing is competitive, not just at the venue itself, but for ancillary costs such as accommodation.

Service is top of the list at Messe Essen, which provides a dedicated project team for all guest events. This means customers have one consistent port of call when it comes to technical, service-related questions or conference facilities queries. The team can also support organisation of an accompanying event programme.

The Grugahall, a multifunctional event location for up to 7,500 people, or the unique atmosphere of the new entrance Foyer, a special hall that can be used for exhibitions and evening events, offer a number of onsite options to cater for a range of events and requirements.

In addition to the services and opportunities Messe Essen offers onsite, customers benefit from the team’s experience in organising cultural, leisure or entertainment programmes that complete the working day and make the stay in Essen even more unforgettable.

Messe Essen is already rated one of the top-ten exhibition venues and exhibitions organisers in Germany, but the company is constantly seeking to improve its offering. In May 2016, it started a comprehensive modernisation project to improve its 110,000sqm of exhibition space, involving tearing down some facilities, building new halls and modernising others. That project is set to be completed in August 2019 and will make Messe Essen one of the most technically advanced, state-of-the-art venues in Germany, housing eight ground-level exhibition halls and three conference centres directly connected to different halls.

The company’s modernisation project marks the start of a new chapter for Messe Essen, but a lot of success stories have already been written here. Many started as a mid-sized show and are now using the whole venue, with the modernisation offering even more opportunities for growth.

Messe Essen is home to exhibitions across a diverse range of topics and target groups, with the company placing itself in the co-pilot position, looking for bespoke client solutions. From the 55 shows in the company’s portfolio, ten are the leading shows for their industry, including industrial trade fairs such as METPACK (metal packaging) and SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN (welding and cutting), the E-world energy and water exhibition, which focuses on the energy sector, Security Essen, the leading international fair for security and fire prevention, and IPM, the world’s foremost trade fair for horticulture.

Messe Essen’s experience means it is a specialist in growing mid-sized guest shows. An exhibition with 10,000 or 20,000sqm gross can get lost in a venue with 200,000sqm or dwarfed by a huge show sharing the venue at the same time. In Essen having a mid-sized show doesn’t make you any less important; to Messe Essen you will always be number one.

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