Making good things better

With its laser-like focus on customer satisfaction, Amaray is well positioned to strengthen brand-to-consumer relationships to aid long-term sustainable growth.

Customer-focused innovation and manufacturing excellence continues to define Amaray’s success. As the leading packaging manufacturer for home entertainment, its ambition “to make good things better” leads its expanding service offering into multiple markets. Embracing positive change, it continues its strategic diversification journey to bring focused plastic solutions and manufacturing excellence to a wider audience.

“In the last two years, our branding, our purpose and our culture have changed. This passion for change brings optimism, motivation and engagement, and has enabled our business to move swiftly into new consumer markets,” says marketing manager Neil Pentecost.

As one of the largest high-volume producers of plastic components and packaging, Amaray has dominated the media market for more than 25 years. The benefit of Amaray’s experience in media is that it has an extensive history of collaborating with reputable global brands.

“Our competitive advantage continues through innovation, ingenuity and an immense understanding of customer and market desires,” says Mr Pentecost. “Manufacturing media products in extremely high volumes inspired us to aggressively drive opportunities for operational efficiency, reduce waste and lower costs. Our business thrives on this relentless approach.”

With more than 320 patents to its name, innovation remains integral to Amaray’s future. Driven by its purpose to make good things better, Amaray is developing new packaging formats to inspire and encourage consumer interaction via addictive functionality. Added-value packaging is a differentiating factor that can help influence repeat purchases and encourage brand loyalty.

With convenience being such an important part of consumers’ lives, great packaging that supports varying lifestyles and enhances their experience can make all the difference to a consumer’s decision to purchase in the future.

Amaray consistently manufactures packaging that is structurally competent, designed for value and meets government regulations, while maintaining its environmental responsibility

Packaging development in areas such as accessibility, portion control and waste reduction continues at pace, with one Amaray example being SqueezeOpen. Designed with the consumer in mind, it helps people suffering with arthritis in their hands, while also offering speed of use for on-the-go products. Its easy opening and closing action enriches the consumer experience, needing only a gentle squeeze to open and an effortless pop to press it closed.

“This versatile system, created a number of years ago, continues to be advanced, making it available to multiple applications, including products within personal care, confectionery and vitamin packaging,” says Mr Pentecost.

“We design distinctive brand-enhancing packaging that makes a real difference. Major companies appreciate our unique approach to proactively bring new and innovative ideas to their marketplace,” he adds.

Amaray warehouse

Amaray’s understanding of consumer and environmental needs is helping it to transfer plastic technologies pioneered in its media products into new product categories. Plastic’s inherent flexibility, lightness and strength-to-weight ratio allow Amaray from the outset to design right-weighted products suitable for the entire supply chain, including post-consumer recycling. As a result, it consistently manufactures packaging that is structurally competent, designed for value and meets government regulations, while maintaining its environmental responsibility.

The company’s collaborative culture spills over into the design process. “Companies that outsource the design of their rigid packaging sometimes meet challenges from a manufacturing perspective. This is where Amaray can make a real difference. We bridge the gap between what looks great and what can be manufactured so that customers achieve the best design, made efficiently and as cost effectively as possible,” says Mr Pentecost.

Beyond design, the company’s ability to mass-produce high-quality products via injection moulding sees Amaray constantly achieve high performance supplier ratings with its customers. This, in addition to the company’s operational excellence, is why they choose Amaray as the best provider for mould transfer. Brands can transfer their own existing tools to Amaray’s facilities where they can be incorporated into their production lines.

Through naturally streamlined processes, optimisation and integrated automation, Amaray delivers cost-reductions via efficiency gains. With the initial investment in moulds being expensive, Amaray helps customers to maximise their tools’ full potential over the course of their useful life. These benefits are already being realised by a number of global companies in multiple consumer markets.

Amaray also helps brands to meet consumers’ growing concerns about environmental issues by designing recyclability into its products. However, there is an additional and exclusive service that it continues to operate, relating to its commitment to reuse material internally whenever possible.

Historically, the home entertainment market has suffered with inventory management and sales forecasting. Overestimating sales, while retaining high levels of stock, leads to a combination of high costs with financial risk. With the introduction of Closed Loop, the excess inventory is returned to Amaray to be recycled and reused in new customer-specified products.

The data extracted from the returned material is closely monitored to ensure each customer receives the correct material allocation and maximum value from this service. Plastic waste often occurs in manufacturing during colour purges, the implementation of new moulds, the completion of maintenance and the carrying out of quality compliance checks.

Closed Loop aims to manage this waste, to reuse it and gain maximum value offered by this versatile material. By cutting waste and reusing material, the demand for virgin material is controlled, inventory management becomes more efficient and unnecessary landfill is avoided.

Amaray’s relentless and proactive pursuit of the best possible solution generates opportunities to create additional value for customers via innovative packaging. Packaging is an invaluable communication tool for brands, and making the consumer experience memorable will bring brands and consumers closer together.

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