Live and let live

Think back to that banging party you were at last year, where the fizz was flowing and the summer breeze was riffling through your freshly washed hair. Remember it? You can almost smell it. What’s the reason you remember it so well? It’s because you were there, you experienced it.

Now think about the last boring conference you were in. The one crammed full of people, with the heating too high and the food with no taste. You remember these elements, but do you remember what was discussed? Of course, you can have engaging content delivered badly, but if we could create content that could be delivered anywhere, what’s the point of having everyone in a room together in the first place?

The optimal arrangement is, of course, engaging content delivered in the right environment and with the right mood. Like turning a TV programme into a theatre show, TTA is an agency which believes a live experience has the power to change behaviour dramatically. When you’re in a theatre you are sharing the reaction of the people next to you and this in turn enhances your own experience. The same can be said for business meetings where face-to-face interaction not only imparts information but helps to build trust, commitment and loyalty.

In a cluttered world, there’s no substitute for experiencing a brand in person. After all, how many times have you made a major purchase without seeing it in the flesh? A TV car advert among multitudes might leave us unmoved, but when a friend shows off their new car, you might start to fantasise about the leather seats.

TTA believes a live experience has the power to change behaviour dramatically

“The only way to do this well is by working side by side with the people conveying the message, understanding their objectives, considering every touchpoint and providing intelligent live experiences,” says TTA’s head of production Sam Rhodes. “Our clients range from international pharmaceutical companies to tyre manufacturers and financial corporations. Their communications challenges vary, but all look to our talented people to bring them bespoke, creative solutions that meet their business need.”

This might be something simple like creating a projection screen to enable a wall to become the backdrop for an immersive video or it might be recreating a retail experience to demonstrate how people are going to feel and react in an environment. It might be as focused as designing menus around peak energy levels or even about influencing factors outside the event, such as the networking opportunities available.

Drawing on the support of modern technologies that aid human interaction

It’s also about knowing how an event fits within a wider campaign. The use of digital technology can be effective in enhancing and growing the experience, and clients increasingly look to extend the reach of live communication. Here, face-to-face and digital communication work in together to create a completely integrated message. Combining these tools can break down barriers, build trust and allow us to immerse the audience in the brand.

Live experiences can take on many forms and TTA is currently working on a range of projects across the world including a once-in-a-lifetime incentive trip to South Africa for a financial company, a series of major pharma congresses in six major cities across Europe and branded experiential activity on match day at a premier league football club for a global manufacturing company. TTA is an agency that truly believes in the power of people and this is where its focus lies.

It’s a basic human instinct to communicate face to face. An event agency’s job is to create the experience which maximises this natural power, drawing upon the support of modern technologies that aid human interaction, and package it all up into a live experience delivering return on investment beyond measurement by stats alone.

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