How to re-imagine the future of media production and grow your brand

As media companies strive to deliver more content, to more places, more of the time, there is an increasing need for operational processes to be as efficient as possible.

To meet this challenge, we must first acknowledge that the industry is still evolving - especially within the areas of image, IP and workflow - and highlight the benefits of focusing on the entire media business and not just our media assets.

Let’s be honest. Have we really made the most of file-based workflows? Or have we simply deployed digital versions of legacy analogue processes? Sure, we have come a long way in a short space of time and digital is now pervasive in many operations, but to truly benefit from IT and IP, we need to go further than just digitising the analogue ways of working.

For many content providers around Europe, current systems and procedures are not agile or flexible enough to cope with the ‘modern’ approach to media, where evolving digital platforms and the rapidly changing consumer habits have combined to create a dynamic and competitive environment. And they certainly aren’t capable of handling what will come next.

This is a new world, one where retaining (or even re-acquiring) the audience is no longer just about the quality of the storytelling, it’s also about ensuring support for the platforms the target audience want to use.

On an operational level, those involved in the content creation supply chain often still have to jump from system to system to complete different processes, using different tools for each different output, not always with the latest details or content. And adding any new tools, systems or ways of working can be a slow and expensive process.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With the correct systems and procedures in place, it is now possible to not just efficiently store and manage our assets but to really make them work for us, delivering real business benefits through automating processes, tracking assets and optimising workflows. Most importantly, we can also gain a true understanding of the cost of our operations and, thereafter, get more value out of them.

But to do that, change is required. And change is a huge challenge for many. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible one.

Change is always more daunting when taking the journey alone. So that’s why partnerships should always be considered. By sharing knowledge, skills and experience we can be more confident in our predictions, make it easier to keep track of what the rest of the market is doing and learn from the mistakes of others.

At Sony we recognise that in a competitive and diverse market, agile and elastic operational models and technologies are required if media companies are to achieve transformational growth. And we believe that the best way to do this is with a partner who wants to share your strategic goals. Sony is that partner.

This is not just about your technology needs. This also includes services, support, finance and considered, trusted advice. Understanding your over-arching business requirements and how to overcome your operational challenges is what fuels our engagement and drives our strategy.

By partnering with us, and letting our professional solutions experts analyse your workflows, we can devise a bespoke strategy that delivers tangible benefits to your business. Solutions provider, partner, colleague, associate, co-worker - call it what you will. We align our services and our market leading applications to fit your workflow needs. We improve performance by working together, helping you to do more with less, in turn modernising your operations.

Through understanding your strategies and challenges, and making use of our 40 years of expertise and our market-leading solutions, we can deliver practical benefits to your business. Benefits that will continue to grow over time.

Now is the time to let your teams re-imagine the future of media production and grow your brand. And we’re here to help you do it.


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