How to capitalise on challenges

In the early days, human resources professionals did administrative tasks and kept track of vacation days and other benefits. But as the evolution continues, HR functions are set to have perhaps the biggest impact on how we’ll work in the future.

HR challenges of tomorrow

Communications have become easier with the rise of technology, the internet and smartphones, even in emerging markets and in organisations with large blue-collar workforces. Access to information and data as well as the use of personal devices for communications is still a challenge, especially for larger more complex employers that haven’t yet moved personal data into the cloud.

Many organisations struggle with creating great employee experiences for younger employees, which can have a direct impact on whether a prospective employee takes the job or not. One of the challenges for HR professionals is to recruit and retain people who drive the business forward, and to make sure those people are engaged while they are employed.

As organisations branch out to different countries, keeping a global workforce united becomes more difficult. Recognising the impact globalisation has on employee engagement and technology is pivotal. A one-size-fits-all solution won’t even work locally, let alone when managing your vastly varied talent on a global scale.

Power of app-based technology

Portals are great for desk-based workers, but app-based technology and push notifications are necessary to reach those who don’t have a work email address, for example. Through a mobile employee portal, the employee can log in to their personal employee portal and engage with a whole range of content and services from any location in the world.

The employee can download their employer’s unique app to their smartphone and connect to their various employee benefits, rewards and other workplace services. This makes a whole world of information available in an instant, around the clock and around the world.

Complete smartphone app

The Benify App is the world’s most complete employee smartphone app, creating a digital employee experience and connecting millions of employees to the latest content and communication from their employer, including compensation, benefits, payslips, policy, onboarding, reminders, events, employee surveys and more.

How employee engagement can help your business

Engaging your employees can have a huge impact on your business’s bottom line. This doesn’t just mean your productivity, but also your wider profitability. It can also boost your recruiting efforts by improving your organisation’s reputation. This, in turn, will help you to attract top candidates within your industry and, more important, retain them.

Over the decades, the concepts of workplace culture and employee experience have become increasingly important as a key differentiator between employer brands. Providing employee benefits is one of the most affordable ways to engage today’s employees, a trend which is likely to grow in future years.

Global consistency is key

Your employee experience should be inseparable from your employer brand. So it’s important that you make it consistent no matter where your workplace is, from Asia to the United States, Africa to Europe. This works on your different demographics too. From employees in your manufacturing plants, to those in your offices, labs, sites and distribution centres, it’s important that you adapt your employee offer while ensuring the same quality employee experience they expect. Your business’s international growth depends on it.

Way forward

Tomorrow’s workplaces will become more personal, intuitive and consumer grade. At least, that’s what your employees expect. Portals and app-based technology give organisations the opportunity to segment their communications based on data held on employees and tailor it based on location, age, salary and several other factors, giving employees a better employee experience, which in turn will benefit the organisation, making it a full circle.

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