How testing and personalisation tools improve online sales


A fashion retailer’s website or app can serve as a digital window to meet their customers’ wants and needs, and offers an opportunity to deliver a personalised customer experience.

AB Tasty’s solutions are designed to help marketing teams achieve this goal and without needing any coding expertise. For example, the drag-and-drop visual editor makes it easy to run A-B, split, multi-page or multi-variate tests that can help to turn casual browsers into customers. It enables you to make modifications to your site one element at a time and quickly test these changes to see if they could increase your conversion rate.

A common challenge for marketing and development teams is a lack of resources. A low-code or no-code client-side testing model means the marketing team can alter images, colours and text in just a few clicks, and test the results with a controlled proportion of site traffic to minimise any risks. This avoids the need to approach busy development teams with these tasks and also delivers faster results.

For instance, you might want to change the image on your homepage to one that’s more likely to attract a certain type of customer. Or perhaps you want to trial a new site layout, or introduce a checkout button that follows the user as they scroll. AB Tasty allows you to do all this and more. In fact, the more you test, the more likely you are to discover new ways of improving the customer experience.

We work with leading global brands such as LVMH, L’Oréal, ALDO and Klarna. Fenty (LVMH group), for example, used our platform to optimise the call to action, or CTA, on their homepage and generate a 42 per cent increase in clicks. And even if you’re already carrying out limited testing on your site, our platform can help you to scale your efforts rapidly and deliver measurable results.

Our artificial intelligence (AI)-powered automation can direct traffic to the best-performing test variations, maximising the potential of each experiment you run. Sale countdown clocks,  limited-time offers aimed at  certain subset of your customers, or even social proof elements that use urgency messaging can be easily implemented based on your objectives.

When NYX Professional Makeup implemented social proof messaging on their site, for example, it generated a 43 per cent increase in their click-through rate and doubled the number of transactions.

AB Tasty data

AB Tasty’s AI-powered Image Matchmaker widget can also automatically identify the image that puts your apparel in the best possible light. You simply select a group of images for a particular product and, as people visit that product’s page, the Image Matchmaker widget will cycle through and test them. This quickly allows you to see which image most encourages people to add the product to their basket.

Finally, the library of prebuilt audience segments ensures the right messages reach the right people at the right times. These segments can be used to address loyal customers or new ones, or those who gravitate towards either high-end or low-cost apparel products, with the most engaging and relevant message. What’s more, you can easily build your own segments to deliver highly targeted experiences that convert to sales.

Working with over 900 global brands, AB Tasty has an extensive partner network, including Customer Data Platforms and UK agencies. In addition, our locally based customer success teams are always on hand to provide local support and expertise, such as assisting with campaign set-up, analysis and the development of tailored experimentation roadmaps.

This approach allows brands to accelerate the learning curve and start implementing tests, gathering insights and personalising user experiences right away. It’s a trend that more fashion retailers are sure to want to follow.

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