Future-proof training with open source

Lack of support in the e-learning sector has left many learning and development (L&D) managers frustrated and struggling to implement an effective and engaging training programme. This is especially concerning as recruiting and retaining skilled employees is increasingly difficult in the present competitive job market.

Businesses are subsequently looking for guidance to create a culture of learning in the workplace that better supports, engages and continuously develops employees, ultimately resulting in improved business outcomes and minimised staff turnover rates.

eThink Education, the largest certified Moodle Partner worldwide and 2018 Global Totara Partner of the Year, is one such facilitator in L&D.

Organisations are realising that L&D is a critical component in attracting and retaining top talent

“In a corporate learning market that is booming, organisations are realising that L&D is a critical component in attracting and retaining top talent,” says Brian Carlson, eThink chief executive. “Online training allows them to provide the engaging, accessible and cost-effective training that is required to advance personnel and the company as a whole.”

eThink provides fully managed e-learning solutions for the open-source Moodle and Totara learning management systems (LMS). Through an unlimited support model, clients enjoy full access to L&D experts who are available to discuss e-learning trends, best practices and pedagogy, or to simply be a sounding board to help clients visualise their path to L&D success.

“To continually attract and develop talent, organisations need to create a culture of learning in their workplaces,” says Mr Carlson. “eThink does this by providing a robust digital learning platform, best-of-breed content and a host of services that organisations need to transform their learning programmes and meet learning objectives.”

Breaking the LMS mould

eThink’s mission is centred entirely around making extraordinary LMS support the ordinary for their clients. This may seem like a given, but traditionally the LMS industry has fallen short of its responsibility from the perspective of customer service.

“The average L&D manager needs more than just a platform; they need consistent access to expertise around how to configure the platform to maximise learning and business outcomes,” Mr Carlson explains. “It’s been our company goal to flip the LMS model on its head, to break the mould, by putting service quality first.”

Turnkey L&D solutions that provide platform, content and consultation is the way the industry is heading. More important still is the ability to customise this training solution so the platform, content and consultative facets are bespoke to each organisation, which is possible with a flexible learning platform that can also be future-proofed to meet the rapid changes frequently seen in the L&D industry.


Luckily, open-source platforms like Moodle and Totara provide the freedom you need when it comes to flexibility, customisation, interoperability and adaptability, all features necessary for your training programme to grow as your company scales or evolves alongside an ever-changing learning ecosystem.

Additionally, this flexibility allows you to use new technologies, tools and content in your existing training programmes as they appear in the market, without having to change products.

Mr Carlson concludes: “A future-proof workplace learning solution that can meet the training needs of each member of an organisation, regardless of department, location or where they are in the employee life cycle, is critical to improving business outcomes. And a flexible, customisable platform will continue to support a company’s training programme as it scales and as needs evolve.

“The market has long been looking for a one-stop training platform-and-content combo that can effectively help companies attract, retain and manage their talent. eThink looks forward to helping more companies measurably benefit from their training and professional education investment.”

Learn how you can future-proof your training programmes with open source on October 3, 2019 at 2pm. Register for the webinar here.