Food is the secret ingredient for wellbeing at work

Generation Z are beginning to make their entrance into a global jobs market where millennials are already the largest segment and employers are realising their expectations are different. Salary is not the only important driver as younger workers instead look for perks and conditions that will make them enjoy going to work.

Meanwhile, employees are working longer hours: an average of 68 days more each year, according to a study by, with Londoners leading the way by clocking up an extra 9.6 hours a week. As such, workers are not only expecting more from their employers, but are also increasingly having more meals in the office.

These emerging trends combined make food a central component to enhancing wellbeing and happiness among employees, not only to attract and retain the best talent, but also to maximise the workforce’s productivity. Indeed, scientists at Brigham Young University in the United States revealed that employees with unhealthy diets were 66 per cent more likely to report a productivity loss than healthy eaters.

Creating an exciting food experience in the office can enhance collaboration, efficiency and engagement, while saving companies time and money

Historically, large companies have built canteens to offer free or subsidised meals to their employees. They are expensive to run, however, and offer an unappealing selection of dishes that often give them a bad reputation among staff. Moreover, studies show that workers don’t use canteens as often as they used to. UK workers eat at them only two days a week, according to a study by Yoyo and Preoday.

Therefore, rather than maintaining an unpopular canteen, companies are now turning to services such as Deliveroo for Business to provide and curate more exciting food experiences and give employees access to a much wider selection of food, catering to all dietary requirements. Offering a curated food experience in the office is about providing the right food for the right occasion, from late-night dinners to healthy team lunches, or even pop-up restaurants for summer parties.

Deliveroo for Business is able to cover all corporate food needs, including delivering fruit boxes to boost staff morale, prevent fatigue and encourage employees to consume their recommended five-a-day portion, enabling organisations to provide a company-wide experience that surprises and delights every team.

This service was originally launched three years ago to target late-night workers, but the opportunity and need for food in the workplace has evolved quickly. It’s now increasingly common for companies to promote on their job descriptions that they offer Deliveroo for Business allowances as part of their corporate rewards package.

As workplace expectations continue to evolve and flexible working models are increasingly deployed to suit the demands of millennials and Generation Z, companies must adapt and provide perks that are meaningful to their employees, while encouraging them to meet and eat together in collaborative environments.

“This won’t be easy, but services like Deliveroo for Business will allow them to foster collaboration in the era of screens and promote health in the workplace,” says Juan Diego Farah, global head of Deliveroo for Business. “Eating the right food at the right time is essential to giving employees the fuel they need to maintain productivity throughout the day. Creating an exciting food experience in the office can enhance collaboration, efficiency and engagement, while saving companies time and money.”

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